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green tea weight lossGreen tea weight loss can be achieved in one of two ways.

You can consume green tea in liquid form, or you can get it into your system by wearing a patch.

Wearing a patch is often preferred by people who lead very busy lives.

Thus they tend to forget to take their supplements, vitamins and even medications. They are too rushed to keep in mind a small item like consuming green tea every day.

Green Tea Weight Loss

For these people, using an eco-friendly weight reduction green tea patch is the ideal solution. It simply leaves them free from having to remember to keep drinking tea throughout the day, or go ahead and take capsules.

All they would need to do would be to make sure to stick on the patch every day and they’re set till the next day.

Does Green Tea Work In Weight Loss?

Watch this video and make up your own mind about green tea weight loss…over 4 million people have watched it so you won’t be disappointed.

A study reported by the American Journal of Clinical Diet indicated that eco-friendly green tea extracts produce significant increases in spent energy. Spent energy describes how the metabolic process is measured.

It was also reported that green tea extract also produced a dramatic impact on oxidation of body fat.

Drinking Green Tea Lose Weight

A few of these effects were initially believed to be triggered through the caffeine present in green tea. However, scientists have found that green tea produced effects beyond what was initially attributed to the caffeine in tea.

Further study showed that caffeine had little if any effect on fat loss. This has brought scientists to theorize that some type of interaction is going on with green tea’s ingredients that caused the rise in body fat oxidation and metabolic processing of body fat.


Caffeine is another a part of eco-friendly tea diet supplements. When caffeine and EGCG, a substance found in many plants, are mixed together, a person’s metabolic process increases, which results in getting rid of more calories.

So when EGCG triggers the discharge from the hormone noradrenaline, a person’s appetite decreases. When that occurs less food is consumed.

While further study is needed to understand these chemical reactions in the body, the initial benefits of green tea are particularly encouraging.

Best Tea for Weight Loss

Furthermore, the beneficial effects of consuming green tea are more dramatic in other processes of the human body, such as preventing and curing decease.

Another study conducted at the University of Chicago provided further proof of the weight reduction properties of green tea. One aspect of the study showed that green tea had a significant impact on reducing appetite.

Another finding was that green tea controls the amount of blood sugar flowing in the body. The combination of both of these factors contributes to weight reduction.

Green Tea Fat Burner

Another green tea weight reduction study was done at a university in Geneva. In that study scientists have found that green tea produces thermogenic effect. This is capable of increasing body fat oxidation, thus increasing body fat loss.

Yet another study done in Labs Arkipharma in France found the chemicals in green tea suppresses pancreatic and gastric lipases directly.

Since these enzymes cause body fat storage, reducing these enzymes results in less fat storage, thus causing the individual to lose body fat.

Side Effects Drinking Green Tea

In addition to drinking green tea, people can now use tea patches help with weight loss. These patches don’t have any unwanted side effects. The substance is absorbed through your skin.

The patches produce the same beneficial effects as drinking green tea. Liquid green tea, or green tea extract applied through patches, both help break down body fat, and increase your metabolic rate. So using green tea weight loss supplements makes a lot of sense.

So you lose weight, lower your cholesterol and help prevent heart conditions and strokes. This is an ideal weight loss substance applied in a convenient way so it doesn’t interfere with your busy schedule.

If you are just searching for regular green tea to lose weight, you will find a couple of different types at the local supermarket.

В  Can High Fiber Foods Help Lower CholesterolВ byВ Only Health Secrets

How does soluble fiber help to lower cholesterol and blood-sugar levels?

The soluble fiber found in high fiber foods like apples and pears, plums and apricots; vegetables such as baked beans, peas and red kidney beans and porridge oats, literally grabs hold of cholesterol in your intestines and carries it out of your body. This means that less cholesterol is absorbed back into your blood from your gut and therefore cholesterol levels in your blood will then fall.

As for sugar, because soluble fiber forms a gel-like substance in your gut, it physically slows down the speed of sugar absorption through your intestine wall. This, in turn, appears to reduce the need for the hormone insulin, which could benefit people with diabetes as well as help to reduce sugar highs and lows for everybody. Steady blood-sugar levels appear to lower our cravings for more sugar and keep us feeling full.

Will eating a high fiber food diet help me to lose weight?

It has been discovered that while lean adults have been found to eat an average of 19g of fiber a day, those who are obese chomped through just 13g of fiber even though they were eating more calories. So, the indication is that high-fiber diets may help you to control your weight.

It appears, for instance, that fiber has a modest effect on helping you to stay full not just because of the effect of the soluble fiber, but also because high fiber foods take a lot of chewing. Time yourself eating a bowl of muesli one morning and the next day try it with a bowl of refined cereal such as Frosties or Cheerios. While the museli can take a good eight to 10 minutes, the latter takes more like five minutes at most.

The action of chewing increases feelings of fullness – it sends messages to the “I’m full” parts of your brain. Secondly, because foods high in soluble fiber take longer to pass through your digestive system, various other “I’m full” parts of your brain are stimulated for longer, too.

Fiber also bulks out food, so you enjoy a greater physical satisfaction when you eat fiber-rich foods – another important role fiber can play in easy weight loss. For example, an apple can fill your whole hand, weigh around 100g and yet gives you just 100 calories.

Alternatively, you could eat about a third of a Mars bar – no bigger than a small box of matches – and consume the same number of calories. Given that we ‘eat with our eyes’ it is not surprising that fullness is also related to what the food portions look like. High fiber foods are bulky in nature, look larger and make you instantly feel as though you have eaten more.

Fiber may also slightly reduce the number of calories we absorb from foods.

Put all of these facts together and you can see how foods high in fiber could well aid your goal of shedding fat and losing weight quickly.

So what if want to eat more fiber, but it makes you feel bloated and gassy, how do you overcome this?

Some types of carbohydrate found in fiber rich foods like beans and lentils are not digested in your small intestine. When these make it through to your large intestine, special fiber-eating bacteria feed on them, producing the gases that make you feel bloated and give you wind. If you find this is a problem then try to introduce extra servings of fiber-rich pulses to your diet gradually so that your bacteria adapt. For many people this helps to increase their tolerance and the problem passes.

For those who have irritable bowel syndrome or disorders of the colon such as diverticulitis or Crohn’s disease, it is vital to discuss your healthy diet with your doctor and a registered dietitian to determine which high fiber foods are right for you, so that you can get your fiber intake balanced and fine-tuned to suit your individual system.

Traumatic Brain Injuries A Silent Epidemic

“has become a signature wound of Iraq War veterans and has garnered more public and medical attention as a result. But TBI from “, “, “, and other ” is called a “silent epidemic” by some experts.
Advances in body armor and emergency medical care on the battlefield have allowed soldiers to survive bomb blasts that would have likely proven fatal in past wartimes. Yet, these brave survivors have been left with devastating brain injuries. The tragic brain injury of ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff brought TBI into American living rooms when his story of his recovery from a TBI caused by a roadside blast while reporting from Iraq was broadcast in agonizing detail.

Most cases of TBI occur far away from any war zones on American highways and streets, construction sites, and other areas where mishaps occur too often. More than 40% of ” occur as a result of “. Advances in car safety, like seatbelts, airbags, and motorcycle helmets, allow more motorists to survive traffic accidents, but they often live the rest of their lives with badly wounded brains, much like their heroic counterparts on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

TBI can do significant damage without visible signs of trauma. In fact, experts say that significant brain damage can occur even when there is no visible sign of head injury and even when a brain scan comes back as normal. Consequently, injuries are often dismissed early in treatment as mere bumps on the head or resolved concussions. Countless victims of TBI look fine on the outside, but they will never be the same on the inside, suffering from disparate symptoms like short term and long term memory loss, impaired judgment, attention deficit, speech problems, and behavioral and personality changes. Experts believe that much of the damage in cases of TBI occur when the brain’s soft and delicate tissue collides with the hard interior walls of the skull, sometimes stretching and ripping nerve fibers during the sudden accelerations or decelerations that occur in seemingly routine traffic accidents or falls. These tiny tears can lead to cell death days after the original injury, and those cells that don’t die may never function properly again.

According to the “, over 5.3 million people in the U.S. are living with disabilities due to TBI. Each year, about 1.4 million suffer a traumatic brain injury. That’s more Americans than suffer from heart attacks annually. If you or a loved one have sustained injuries in an accident that have left symptoms of TBI, it is important that you consult with physicians well-versed in recognizing and treating ” patients. Likewise, if someone was responsible for the injury, it is important to choose a law firm experienced in handling cases involving TBI or “.

Natures Elements Releases New Product: Shark Cartilage An All-Natural Source of Chondroitin – Prescription Acne Medicine

Lindenhurst, NY (PRWEB) August 22, 2012

The nutrients found in Shark Cartilage are essential for good health, and are required for the body to function properly. Calcium is needed to maintain healthy teeth and bones, and for good cardiovascular health. Phosphorus helps the body absorb nutrients, and is key for proper kidney function, heart rate, cell growth, and the maintenance of teeth and bones.

Shark cartilage is rich in chondroitin and mucopolysaccharides, which stimulate immune response and can be helpful for inflammation and the angiogenesis-inhibiting protein which blocks the formation of new blood vessels. These are the reasons that it is believed that shark cartilage can be beneficial for arthritis and many other ailments.

Natures Elements has provided customers with several options for Arthritis and Pain Relief, such as Joint Formula, Relieve 1000 and now Shark Cartilage which is yet another choice for customers looking for the right solution to aid in their bothersome symptoms associated with Joint Pain and Arthritis.

Although Shark Cartilage is mainly targeted for Arthritis suffers it also is beneficial for those dealing with acne, psoriasis, eczema, and asthma. It also supports the bodys immune system and aids in the bodys natural defense system against free radicals and toxins.

Natures Elements Shark Cartilage has a minimum of 25% protein. The protein concentration is important in determining the benefit that the Shark Cartilage can provide. The serving size is also important to consider when choosing amount Shark Cartilage suppliers. Each bottle of Shark Cartilage from Natures Elements contains a full one-month supply. The serving size is 1 tablet 4 to 6 times a day, each tablet containing 670 mg of Shark Cartilage.


                          140 Rescued Mustangs — Now well fed

Imagine seeing a herd of mustangs, expecting to see strong, muscular physiques, shining coats and boundless,
frolicking energy, only to find a set of horses that were more bone than muscle, with thickly matted winter coats
still hanging on, even though the summer heat was over 100 degrees. This is exactly what Carol Bennett
encountered when she was summoned to help with 140 mustangs rescued from the brink of death.

“A mare and her foal could barely stand, their ribs were thinly covered by their thin skin and the mare was unable
to produce milk,” says Bennett. “It was just too much to bear. I knew that these horses needed a high level of
nutrition, immediately.” Calling the endeavor the “Mustang Project,” Bennett worked with a group of veterinarians
to rescue the horses from otherwise certain death due to starvation and malnutrition.

An extensive and exhaustive routine of treatment included supporting the overall health of the animals with
probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. “While many of the horses needed specific medical treatment,” says
Bennett, “The 22 that received an additional element, blue green algae, which contains a broad spectrum of
bioavailable micronutrients, recovered the most quickly and completely.” Blue green algae is
Aphanizomenon-flos aquae, a wild, natural algae harvested from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon by our company.

“These horses’ ribs became completely covered more readily than the others, their coats regained their natural
sheen, their eyes became bright and clear, and they regained their energy and vigor quite quickly,” says
Bennett. “My only regret for the whole project is that all 140 horses didn’t get to eat blue green algae for the
three months of their rehabilitation.”

Budgetary constraints did not allow for the inclusion of blue green algae for all of the horses, however all of them
received intensive natural and medical treatments and all 140 have fully recovered. Bennett reported from the
field in December 2000, “All of the horses have been placed in new homes – 134 of them went to a 1,000 acre
private range in Montana and the other six were placed in permanent foster care.”

Carol Bennett
Durango, CO

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Joint Pain

Joint pain can be healed naturally and the chiropractic care is the best option. There are three major factors in joint pain which are mechanical, chemical and mental. A chiropractor can perform a series of adjustments to the spine and neck. This puts your limbs into alignment with your core. It alleviates the stress on your joints by letting your muscles and tendons do the work they were made to do. The muscles and tendons can move at peak performance which will pull the weight off of your joints. You should be able to move freely with greatly reduced pain.

The chemicals in your body are important. You are what you eat, and if you eat foods that are inflammatory it will lead to increased joint pain. A chiropractor is a holistic that will discuss your diet with you. You will learn what foods to eat to reduce your chance of inflaming your joint pain. Your body will relax after a series of adjustments. The weight will come off your nervous system and this will reduce stress. Stress lives in your mind and affects hormones that can trigger joint pain. Call The Texas Health Clinics at (972) 596 – 2273 to set up a free consultation today.

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Here’s a conversation you should have with your Sizzler.
Not so much, if they’re the dreamy, mind-just-sort-of-wanders type of child.
But rather, with the child who talks a mile a minute about each and every thing that pops into their heads (which is constantly full of such pops) and is absolutely compelled to share it all with you (or whomever is within three feet of them) in a non-stop, rambling, even tenacious fashion, complete with sound effects, hand motions and above all…en-THU-siasm.
That is the child to whom the following…

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It’s happening again. Another local church is talking about ditching the traditional pews in favor of something more plush and comfortable. I really feel uneasy about this. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere in Leviticus a warning about the ungodliness of a relaxed posterior and the slippery slope of comfortable worship. In fact, I’ve always believed that when Noah descended from the Ark, right after he kissed the ground and gave thanks, God handed him another set of plans for turning those spent boat planks into splintery, uncomfortable…

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You run into an old friend at church you haven’t seen in quite some time. You do a bit of catch-up, the chit chat goes on for awhile, and then, here it comes—the question you’ve been dreading—“So, how’s that daughter [or son] of yours doing?”
Paste on that smile. Take in a quick breath, but inside, die . . . just a bit.
Of course, you know precisely which child she’s talking about—the one who surprised you all by turning her back on God, then the family, then doing a 180 from all that you value, finally stepping solidly into…

Deep Illumination > Bilder

Deep Illumination > Bilder


if I could only reach your thoughts
but you wouldn’t let me
feelings of freedom that defeated love
you just wouldn’t let me
Feeling so small so helpless so weak
I never did before
seemed like yesterday when we reached our peak
can’t get it anymore
Tired of fighting
Tired of giving
sick of pretending
but it’s never ending
useless struggles
senseless conflicts
can’t take it anymore
there’s nothing left to fight for
still we go on destroying ourselves
by useless ignoring
and still we go on to lie to ourselves
that’s so damn annoying
feelings develop that I can’t suppress
hate suffering this pain
feelings that just make of it a mess
I’m going insane
sick of fighting
sick of giving
sick of lying
sick of living
sick of my faults
sick of myself
sick of my thoughts
there’s nothing left to fight for.