Stop Smoking and Improve Your Health in 20 Minutes

If you quit smoking today, your body will start thanking you tomorrow. Well, actually it will start to thank you after 20 minutes. Thats the time it takes, before you begin to heal.

Your blood pressure decreases and your pulse rate drops 20 minutes after your last cigarette. The body temperature of hands and feet will also increase. The carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to a normal level after 8 hours and the oxygen level in blood increases to normal.

24 hours is all it takes, before the chance of heart attack decreases. And 48 hours after you have stopped smoking, your nerve endings begin to growth again. Your ability to smell and taste will also be improved. After 72 hours your breathing will be easier.

The following weeks and month your will improve your circulation. Walking will be easier and your lung function will increase. The nicotine withdrawal symptom will subside after the first month, so you will be able to focus on the psychological need for a cigarette.

On year after you stopped smoking, your risk of coronary heart disease is decreased to half. And smoking is directly linked to 30 % of all heart disease deaths in the United States each year, so this is a very important step.

It is not only the short-term benefits, which makes it worth quitting. The risk of a stroke has been reduced to the same as people who have never smoked after only 5 years. And the risk of lung cancer drops to one-half that of the smokers after 10 years. The risk of other cancer types will also decrease; including the risk of cancer in the throat, esophagus, kidney, mouth, and pancreas.

The risk of coronary heart disease will be the same of people who have never smoked after 15 years. And in many other ways will the risk of death be at nearly the same level of people who have never smoked.

So do yourself (and your body) a favor and quit smoking today; and see your health improve. Just remember that the nicotine addiction healing process is an ongoing process. You will see some quick improvement, but other will happen more slowly.

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