How Can An Urologist Help You Treating Urologic Cancer?

Urology is the branch of medicine that deals with ailments related to urinary tracts of males and females and reproductive system of only males. An urologist is a person who is trained in the field of urology and can treat any related disease.

This article would discuss about urologic cancer. It involves cancer of kidney, prostate, bladder and testicles. Among these, prostate cancer is the most common in men. 1 of every 50 men will face prostate cancer, as per records. Bladder cancer, on the other hand, is the fourth most common cancer in women. Testicular cancer is another cancer that is very common in young men. Embarrassment and denial makes this the least mentioned cancer.

Bladder cancer – A bladder wall is lined with transitional cells and squamous cells. Most of bladder cancers originate in the transitional cells. It is called transitional cell carcinoma. If the cancer cells are restricted to the lining of the bladder, it is called superficial bladder cancer. The cancer that starts with a tumor growing through the bladder lining is known as the invasive cancer. This type of cancer is pretty dangerous as it may infect the surrounding organs like uterus or vagina (in women) or prostate gland (in men). Common signs and symptoms include blood in urine, painful urination, frequent urge of urination, etc. severe symptoms include benign tumors, stones in bladder and infections. Physical examination and urine test can successfully diagnose bladder cancer. Treatment options for bladder cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, biological therapy and radiation therapy.

Prostate cancer – Prostate cancer typically affects men older than 65 years. Prostate cancer, in its initial stage, does not produce any sign and symptom. With progression, a prostate cancer can show up signs and symptoms like frequent urge of urination, trouble with commencing urine stream, burning sensation during urination, blood in urine, back pain, pelvis or hips, and a feeling that the bladder has not emptied completely. The two most popular tests that help in diagnosis of prostate cancer are digital rectal exam (DRE) and prostate-specific antigen test (PSA). On diagnosis of prostate cancer, a doctor can successfully prescribe a treatment option.

Testicular cancer – This cancer is completely curable if diagnosed timely. This happens mostly to young men. Symptoms usually include painless lump, swelling in testicle, heaviness in scrotum, pain in scrotum, a dull ache in groin or lower abdomen. Blood test and ultrasound are helpful in diagnosing testicular cancer. After diagnosing cancer, doctor prescribes the best possible treatment option like surgery or radiation therapy.

You should never neglect the signs of urologic cancer and consult a good urologist. Greenbelt citizens can seek expert help from Murdock Urology Association.

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