Lipomodelling Few Guidelines For Breast Augmentation Surgery

How Successful Are The Guidelines For Breast Surgery?

All cosmetic surgeries depends on how the fat is harvested, refined and grafted on the body and hence there has been improvements in the techniques every year and this lipomodelling is extensively used and applied in reconstruction aesthetic procedures, following the breast cancer surgery or treating any congenital breast deformities and finally for breast augmentation. The Food and Drug Administration has led down some guidelines to be followed by the surgeons while performing the surgery to avoid any unsatisfactory complications post operation or even during the surgery, which are as follows:

 Technique’s current status
 The aesthetic goals desired by the patient
 The requirements for safe and error free operation

What Are The Indications For Breast Surgery

There are some indications by which a person can understand if there is a need for breast surgery or not, and few of the indications are detailed below for the candidates to understand and identify with their requirements or needs.

 Indications for Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction

* When one needs correction of asymmetrical defects following a wide local incision with or without radiotherapy.
* To improve the soft tissue coverage, followed by a breast implant reconstruction.
* Breast Augmentation by autologous fat for adding volume and refinement.
* Replacement of the previous implant for breast restoration.

 Indications For Congenital and Acquired Abnormalities

* To improve the secondary correction of contour defects or volume asymmetry.
* To correct the deformity and abnormality in the chest including Pectus excavatum and Poland’s syndrome in males.
* To correct the breast abnormalities like female Poland’s syndrome, tuberous breasts and developmental asymmetry.
* To correct the contour irregularities after the post operative suboptimal surgical treatment as in like for Gynaecomastia.

 Indications For Aesthetic and Cosmetic Enhancement

* To improve the volume problem after the breast reduction surgery and correct the contour as well or mastopexy.
* To camouflage the rippling in the breast implants after the breast augmentation.
* Aesthetic breast enhancement with fat transfer.
* The capsular contracture

Why Guidelines Have Been Laid Down?

This lipomodelling is a new technique in the breast surgery where the clinicians and hospitals are applying this in their technique to augment the breast to achieve contoured, natural looking breasts without any irregularities visible. The main object of the surgery is to minimize the clinical risk and cut down the surgical risks as well, and to avoid any complications, some guidelines have been laid down to follow a standard procedure which are as follows:

* Should possess a good background theory and knowledge, including indications and complications.
* Practical and Surgical skills.
* A team should be there for Arrangements for supervision, assistance and mentoring during the surgery.
* A multitasking approach should be taken as a whole-team approach including skilled stuff.
* The surgeon should be board certified by the American Board of Specialties (ABMS) to avoid any error in the operation.

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