The Power of Figs for Health

Figs are one of the most nutritional fruits that you can eat. In ancient times, figs were known to be great for giving the youth more power and strength, for helping long-term sick people get well, and for helping old people feel rejuvenated and have less wrinkles.

Figs are high in fiber and will help to nourish and stimulate a persons’ digestive system. The particular fiber in figs also helps diabetic patients to achieve better insulin control.

Of all the fruits, the figs are the one of the highest in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, and manganese. These types of minerals in a natural plant form will help people to have stronger bones and nerves.

The minerals copper and manganese will also help to retain natural hair color and slow down the graying of hair. There are also elements in figs that help the elderly to look younger with the natural wrinkle-reducing properties.

There are phenols in figs which are powerful antioxidants to help fight off the effects of free radicals. This helps people to have power against cancer and other diseases.

They are usually a bit expensive, so if you can grow a fig tree in your yard, it would be a great benefit to you and your family.

The figs grow in pairs and hide among the large fig leaves. The riper the figs, the more powerful the phenol amount becomes.

You can cut little fig pieces and add them to a salad or you can mash or blend them and use them as a substitute for oil in baked goods. An added benefit of doing that is the natural sweetness of the figs.

You can also just eat them as they are. However, after you eat three or four, they start doing something to your tongue, which makes it uncomfortable to eat any more.

Fig Newtons might be thought of as a way to eat figs, but eating Fig Newtons oftentimes turns people off to the whole fig-eating idea. They do not taste very good in Fig Newtons., blech! And, they are cooked with lots of unhealthy additives mixed in. Yuck!

However, you can mash the fresh figs up or blend them in a food processor. The fresh pulp can make a tasty, nutritious spread for toast or crackers.

Figs are not a very common fruit to buy. You may have to special order some at your local grocer or check in the refrigerated section of the health food store near you to find out when they will have some.

You can always get some that have been dehydrated. They will usually be available at the health food store dehydrated or refrigerated.

The dried figs will tend to be more potent in nutritional properties and fiber. Eating figs will be a great boost to your health.

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