Breast Cancer Survivors Raise Money For Charity

The effects that breast cancer has on a woman are much wider than just the obvious ones associated with the disease, its diagnosis and the treatments. The challenge of coping with the condition tends to unmask many issues and brings with it anxiety, fear and worry. The repercussions of the illness tend to spread like waves throught close and distant family and out into the wider circle of friends and work colleagues. It can be very hard to cope with the change in self awareness that the problems bring.

Breast cancer is definitely getting much more prevalent – there must scarcely exist a household within the United states or even United kingdom that has missed been affected by cancer in some manner. And in men too the number of cases of breast cancer goes on consistently rising. It’s not only women. We learned just recently of a couple in Birmingham, United kingdom when both husband and wife were found to have cancer of the breast.

Around the world too there are countless organizations and charitable bodies who have the goal of raising money to support breast cancer research. Every year they bring in millions of dollars in cash and pour it steadily towards the doctors and hospitals who specialize in cancer care. Some of them work on a purely local basis, others function on a national scale or beyond. All of them need large amounts of income to maintain their role and are always striving for new ways to keep the funding levels high and growing. They seem to constantly seek innovative ways to raise the capital required.

Susan G Komen had been a breast cancer patient who created what had been to start with a small scale fund raising venture. This has today turned out to be one of the greatest and most crucial healthcare charities in the entire world. The Komen foundation is most likely best recognized with regard to their races which they arrange in each and every city in the United states as well as in some other nations too. Race For Life in the United kingdom is a comparable idea.

The Komen races cover a wide range of challenges and distances – from short fun runs to the longest ultra marathon. You can choose the one that suits you best. The main thing is that you get yourself out there and take part. These events earn the charity millions of dollars annually and bring great attention and media interest too. The celebrities who take part bring the media circus with them – and everyone benefits.

If you can’t imagine coping with even a short run then you can have the choice of participating in long distance sponsored walking spread around a couple of days. Quite a few of these types of charity walks grab the attention of tens of thousands who take part. One in the United kingdom is known as the Moon Walk. It begins at midnight and almost all those people that do it put on embellished and amazing bras.

Individuals generate cash for breast cancer both separately as well as within teams. You may merely donate funds in your area or even get involved with a fund raising event and convince all your own pals to sponsor you. The most important thing is that you go ahead and do it.

Please contribute to breast cancer fund raising if you can. You could be making an enormous difference to peoples lives.

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