Geftinat is a form of prescribed drugs to beat cancerous cell. It is introduced in the market to treat a growing form of lung cancer. The drugs actually found helpful if used in the initial step of cancer; it actually aids thrash down the cancer cell (abnormal cell) and prevent it from expand and turning remaining normal cell into abnormal one. Its intake obstructs the cancer cell from getting severe and turning incurable in the future. It is an EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptors) inhibitor. Its immediate usage may prevent the benign tumor turning malignant one. Benign is an initial step of the cancer, which doesn’t get spread in the body; whereas, malignant cancer is a kind of severe cancerous stage, which leads to spread anywhere in the body results fatal for the health. Geftinat is approved to beat non-small cell of lung cancer that aids obstruct the cancerous cell growth. It is finished up of various essential chemicals in which geftinib found a significant one. It is a tablet form of drugs found available in 250 mgs, in a pack of around 30 pills. In short, geftinat acts like an anti-cancerous drug, which aids cut down the development of abnormal cell.

Dosage procedure

Since, it is prescribed as anti-cancerous drugs; one must surely take the assistance of the doctor in any manner. Do take the pills according to the prescribed manner. You need to seek help of the doctor at each and every step. Doctor may suggest you to take one to two pills in a day, but it further depends upon the condition and doctors suggestion. One must run the courses as long as the doctor’s recommended. Do not proceed more than that; since, it may found fatal for the health. Before taking the pills, one needs to go under whole health body check up.

Precautionary method

The pills is only prescribed for the lung cancer sufferer, do not use it for any other cancer purpose. Do not use it without taking the help of the doctor. An overdose may found harmful for the health do mark this point in your mind and follow what the doctor suggest. A pregnant or lactating woman must consult the doctor for the pills usage; since, it has been found that taking cancerous pills in pregnancy or lactating stage perhaps harm the baby. Let your physician know, if you are suffering from any other health disorders or going under any other medication procedure. It has been found that taking two or more medicines at a time may leads to cause certain kind of side-effects.


An excessive dosage leads to enhance the risk of side-effects. Nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, stomach pain, head ache, etc. are some form of normal side-effects. Try to use the pills in appropriate manner to get prevented from severe side-effects.

Storage method

Store the pills in safe and secure place reach from small babies, watery place and sunrays. Place it at the room temperature.

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