Femara considered as one of the outstanding pills to thrash down the abnormal growth of the breast cell, which perhaps get turned as a breast cancer in future. It is used to treat menopause in women or lowers estrogen intensity in postmenopausal, which restricts the growth of the tumors cell (abnormal cell). A normal cell turning abnormal leads to cause breast cancer. Femara works to treat breast cancer in postmenopausal women. The pills found to be great effective and prominent to cut down the growth of the tumor cell. Femara is finished up of several effective components, which aids women to get rid of cancerous cells development. Femara is a kind of trade name for the drug called letrozole. It is alleged as hormone therapy and sorted by an aromatase inhibitor. In short, femara introduce to treat breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Usage of the femara pills

It has been prescribed to take one to two pills (200mg) in a day after maintaining sufficient amount of gap. One must take the pill at same time every day. The pills must be taken with the help of the normal water; taking food is optional. Take the exact and appropriate guidance of the doctor for consumption of this pill. Do not run your own brain in such form of drugs; seek the help of the doctor to intake the exact amount of the pills. The strength of the pills varies according to the condition. Hence, the physician found to be an exact person to decide about your dosage amount and its longevity.

Precautions measures

Do not go for overdose; since, it may lead to cause certain kind of side-effects. Try following the dosage according to the prescribed manner. Do not use two different drugs together at a time; try maintaining sufficient amount of gap between the dosages. Reveal the doctor, if you are already facing any form of health disorders. A pregnant woman going under this medication may likely to hold a defected child; hence, avoid conceiving a child in this situation. Avoid feeding the child if you are going under femara medication. Disclose the doctor, if you are suffering from any kind of organ disorder.

Side-effects of femara

Since, the pills found quite hard in effect it may likely to hindrance the organ systems; one may get reduction in the organs longevity. Certain types of pills mostly found harmful for the liver and the kidney. A complete body pain, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, stomachache, fatigue, vagina parchedness and itching, excessive sweating in night, excessive weight gain or loss, etc. found to be some normal form of side-effects. Swelling of complete body, faintness, chest ache, short breath, etc alleged as extreme form of side-effects, which needs a prompt guidance of the doctor.

Safety storage of the femara pills

Store the pills in the room temperature, placed properly in the tightly fixed container away from moisture, sunrays and small kids. Dispose the expired pills out from the home at safe and secure place.

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