Gynecologists and What They Do

Gynecology is a varied specialty, with doctors seeing patients both in the office as well as in the operating room. Gynecologists often start out practicing obstetrics as well as gynecology, but stop doing obstetrics when their patient population starts aging or when they get tired of being called out in the night to delivery babies. Like all gynecologists, Hot Springs gynecologists treat only women.

Gynecologists treat problems with female reproductive organs, which include the breasts, uterus and vaginal tract. A gynecologist may also treat urinary problems such as recurrent urinary tract infections, but generally doesn’t treat problems related to the kidneys. Although gynecology specialists perform surgery, they usually do not treat breast cancer or other cancers that require chemotherapy and treatment beyond surgery.

Gynecologists may specialize in infertility, treating patients with medications that help them ovulate normally or performing in vitro fertilization or other assisted reproductive technologies. In most cases, gynecologists who specialize in reproductive medicine take additional training, called a fellowship, after their gynecology residency to become a reproductive endocrinologist.

Gynecologists perform one of the most common surgeries in the United States, the hysterectomy, or removal of the uterus. They may also do surgery to remove cancers of the cervix or cancers of the vagina or vulva. Doctors in this specialty may also treat women who have ovarian cysts, which can cause not only pain but can become life-threatening if they rupture.

Women’s doctors also treat several chronic disorders that can cause infertility as well as pain. Treatment of endometriosis, the spread of endometrial tissue to areas outside the uterus, also falls under gynecology treatment. Gynecologists also treats women with polycystic ovary disease, a hormonal disorder that can lead to infertility as well as abnormal menstrual cycles, weight gain, acne and other signs of hormone imbalance.

This type of surgeon also handles many repairs related to childbirth and pregnancy. Many women develop issues such as prolapsed uterus or fistulas, abnormal openings between the vagina and rectum after difficult deliveries.

Many doctors who practice gynecology are women; many women feel more comfortable seeing a female practitioner. A woman’s doctor is often the one who diagnoses sexually transmitted disease and prescribes medication for it. Women see their doctors regularly for pap smears and breast exams as well as for prescription for birth-control pills and to be fitted with intrauterine devices that prevent pregnancy. A gynecologist may also prescribe hormone replacement therapy for women going through menopause and having symptoms that make their daily life difficult.

Benefits of Using Bio-Identical Hormones in Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women continue to struggle against hormones. There has been a considerable thought process on altering the attitude towards the combination of estrogen and progestin therapy. In the wake of Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), people are trying to find the benefits of this treatment that would prevent the later life ills. The initial trial stopped at 2002 and reports suggested that the therapy increased the risk of breast cancer, stroke and blood clots. The added the risks were small but women and clinics discontinued the therapy suggesting the negative effects. There were women who reported that the hot flashes, sleeplessness and other menopausal symptoms would often return manifold in intensity.

Signature Wellness understands that hormone therapy is still considered an effective treatment for the symptoms of the menopause. However, women are not rushing back to the treatment and therefore there are multitudes that are approaching for the alternative therapy thinking them to be safer than the hormone therapy. Even before the results of the WHI were in, there were women who were desperately searching for the therapies that would relieve them of symptoms of the menopause. Yet they were also worried about the side effects of the hormone therapy especially things like breast tenderness and bleeding. There were women who thought the effects of the medicines on the other parts of the body. With estrogen’s strong association with breast cancer, others would oppose the drug taking thinking that menopause was the normal life passage. Others were worried about the source of estrogen.

Searching for the natural

We always associate natural with things that are better and therefore the consensus was that the natural hormones would be better. Here the term, “natural” is open to various interpretations. Any product that would bear a part of animal, plant or mineral source can be termed as technically natural. It doesn’t matter whether the ingredient was ground, put into patches or sold over the counter. It can be manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, or be extracted in a lab.

Introducing the Bio-identical hormones

The interest of the women in the natural approach of the hormone therapy brought back the interest on the bio-identical hormones. These hormones have the regular molecular structure to the normal hormones that women have in their body. These do not exist in this form in the nature, but are synthesized or manufactured from the plant extracts from the soy and yam. The estrogen variety includes the estrone, estriol and 17 beta-estradiol. Estradiol decreases during the menopausal phase. The bio-identical progesterone is simple progesterone. It is ground super fine for the better assimilation in the body.

Called bio-identical hormone therapy, the hormones are introduced in the body. They act in the similar manner that the hormones we produce act. Technically the body cannot recognize the two different types and therefore reacts the same way that the body would otherwise.

The best way to find these medicines is buying the FDA approved medicines that are available against a prescription in any local drugstore. There are several forms that are available in the market. The most common of them is the pills, gels, creams, vaginal preparations and patches. No one knows whether they are safe for use, however, studies has that there is a marked difference in the hot flashes and vaginal dryness. This depends greatly on the administration of the medicines. Research is still being conducted on their effects, risks and benefits.

It is important that women take the appointment from a credited clinic like Signature Wellness, and undergo a treatment that is prescribed by a medical practitioner.

The Common Dentist Services We All Can Get

Dental services that we can benefit from these days and you can get them all in a majority of dental offices throughout the country. The most common of dental services you can find in these dental offices involve dentures, crowns, bridges, emergency dental care, dental hygiene, fillings, invisible braces, implants, canals, whitening, veneers, wisdom teeth and family dental care as well as smile makeovers.

Not all of us have been born with a nice set of teeth and whilst some people face life with a perfect pearly white smile, others would have to endure years of braces and other dental care services. However, dental services is not just for cosmetics and for having a lovely smile, but rather it focuses primarily on dental health to prevent infections and diseases.A comprehensive examination is given upon the first first to a dental office and this is where the Dentist would prod your mouth in order to completely examine your teeth, gums, inside of cheeks, lips, tongue and lymph nodes. Your medical history would then be requested as well as declaration of any medications being consumed.

Oral cancer and periodontal gum disease are always looked out for during an examination and an x-ray will be administered in order to get a complete view of the teeth and bone condition.Teeth are checked meticulously for any signs of infection and cavities as well as missing or chipped/cracked teeth. Should any needed work be done on them, your dentist will suggest them and even do a follow up on the previous dental work done in your mouth. You will also be checked for jaw and bite placement so this may be corrected if needed.

Such examinations are necessary so that your dentist can be made aware of your current dental health as well as past dental health. In certain cases, previous dental work done can be cared for by your dentist and this would often include teeth cleaning and even whitening. If you already have good dental health, then your dentist might suggest cosmetic dental care as well to improve your smile. Missing teeth can be replaced, spaces between teeth can be filled and your stained teeth can be whitened conveniently

.It is a necessity however, that you should maintain your dental health once you have been able to seek dental care from your dentist. Our dental health is as important as our overall body health. Breast Cancer Shirts Make the New York Times

A quick click on the link showed was included in a group of large, well established, breast cancer clothing companies which made us feel good since we are just getting started in our efforts to make a difference. However, the story didn’t turn out to be positive and it was a bit disappointing that we didn’t receive a call from the writer or that she might not have reviewed our website since it appears some things have been taken out of context that we will address here.

First of all, we believe the topic of cause products, like breast cancer tees, is a great subject for news coverage/debate because many companies donate a very small percentage of profits to charity while touting their good deeds to fight their cause of choice. We don’t claim to be in the hearts of any company that donates a percentage of their work to charity because nobody is forced to do so. In the article, the author notes “Sassy retail campaigns have sprung up everywhere, purporting to “support the cause.”” In fact, this very topic was at the heart of how we decided to be different than other companies. While many organizations support breast cancer clothes by donating percentages of between 1-5 percent of total sales, Project Boobies will deliver up to 50 percent of total profits directly to cancer charities like Kokolulu Farms & Cancer Retreats – a cancer charity focused on the mental side of fighting cancer. I believe that Kokolulu would disagree that our efforts make “consumers feel good without actually doing anything meaningful” since Kokolulu helps cancer survivors win the mental battle with breast cancer.

Next, the author noted, “Project Boobies (the slogan on its T-shirts promoting self-exam reads, “I grab a feel so cancer can’t steal,” though the placement of its hot-pink handprints makes it virtually impossible for them to belong to the shirt’s wearer).” Unfortunately the author didn’t note that our slogan is meant to remind women to do their self checks nor note the hands are from our 14 year old daughter to make the point it is never too early to know your body – all clearly available on our website if anything was unclear. While we agree that it is impossible for the handprints to be shirt owners, it would also be impossible a design of the “self check” hand positioning to be the breast cancer shirt wearers so I don’t know the exact point that was attempted to be made here.

Much of the NY Times article covers the “sexualization” of breast cancer clothes and other items such as the I Heart Boobies bracelets. As noted earlier, the author used “Sassy” to describe us and on our communication, we’ve used “provocative” to describe our breast cancer tees. However, the goal of our logo is to reach those that might not otherwise “hear” warning of breast cancer. Anyone, whether or not they see breast cancer shirts, can find out that a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 3 minutes and someone dies every 13 minutes. However, that information probably isn’t going to resonate with a large portion of younger people who “know” they are invincible. They don’t need to be “told”, they need to have their attention grabbed and curiosity peaked so they visit our breast cancer information filled website, and “learn” on their own terms.

We have also found a very invigorated population of breast cancer survivors that like our shirts. Specifically, many breast cancer survivors in our lives and ones we’ve met through ProjectBoobies have “grabbed” being a breast cancer survivor with both hands, correctly positioned or not. They enthusiastically celebrate their victory over breast cancer and how they are even more attractive after their fight – breast reconstruction or not! These women are thankful for every moment they now have as mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, and any other role they have and strongly advocate for self checks and mammograms like we do. While some might reasonable disagree, we fully embrace our “sassy” perspective even if we risk offending some.

Finally, the author ends her NY Times article with the following thoughts: “I hate to be a buzz kill, but breast cancer is just not sexy. It’s not ennobling. It’s not a feminine rite of passage. And, though it pains me to say it, it’s also not very much fun. I get that the irreverence is meant to combat crisis fatigue, the complacency brought on by the annual onslaught of pink, yet it similarly risks turning people cynical.” We unequivocally agree! However, our goal is to remind women to do their self checks and regular mammograms. We believe that CATCHING breast cancer early is sexy – life is sexy and beating breast cancer is sexy! It’s a different perspective (glass half full vs half empty) and one that should be openly debated. Early detection is very important for beating all cancers and we hope to remind people with our shirts that help is in your hands – self detection.

While we don’t have the NY Times audience to respond to their article, we still think it is important to make our goals clear. In reality, we are thankful the author wrote a thoughtful article that covered points on both sides since many are just emotional rants without intelligence – thank you Peggy Orenstein as we appreciate the respectful coverage of the topic.

Project Boobies raises funds to fight breast cancer through the sales of its breast cancer apparel online at For more information or to order, go to the Web site or call (888) 957-4678.

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