Ngp uncharted takes us back to drake’s past

Despite having an announcement not all that long ago, Sony’s NGP platform seems to have disappeared off the map into uncharted territory. Coincidentally enough, it is news regarding the portable’s Uncharted game that brings it back into the spotlight.

Considering that Nathan Drake and friends are currently preparing for the third Uncharted game, one probably wondered where exactly this portable off-shoot fit into the franchise’s storyline. Wonder no more, my good chums, as Naughty Dog has officially cleared up any speculation by revealing that the first ever handheld Uncharted would serve as a prequel to the events of the original game for the PS3.

Until E3, that’s probably about all we’re going to get out of the premiere first-party developer. Even then, so much of the focus will be on the undeniably incredible experience that Uncharted 3 is inevitably going to become. Surely it will at least get a quick aside of some sort, and at this point, that’s about all we can hope for.

And one more thing, Sony, it takes a lot out of me to report on an Uncharted game I’ll probably never play on a system I’ll probably never own. It wouldn’t take too much for you to patch things up, though! Since you did steal our site’s initials, couldn’t you find it in your corporate hearts to bless our staff with free NGP hardware? Pretty please, with forgiveness-for-the-whole-PSN-scenario on top?





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