Cut the apron strings on mother’s day



We’ve come to the time of the season when we celebrate Mother’s. What a joyful time. Before I became the mother of three wonderful children I had no idea what a huge undertaking that role would be. Why didn’t somebody warn me? I was raised by three women who did the best they could. One however, really spoiled me a bit. I realized this affected my mothering skills. My maternal grandmother, my birth mother and her sister—my aunt all had a hand in raising me. One was very stern. That was my Granny who was born in 1892. My mother was firm, and my aunt was fun. My aunt loved to celebrate and also had the gift of giving which lead to me being enabled and a tad spoiled. That affected my mothering skills.

As mother’s we do so many things which are right. However, spoiling children, especially in this age and generation only hampers them. We walk past crippled children, teens, young adults and adults every day. I would now say that mother’s need to rear with a much sterner hand than they do. Some of us give in to whiney spoiled children, who break our wallets and our hearts. I’m a granny now. I do things a bit differently. I’ve learned some things. So mothers, here is my gift to you. Stop doing so much for your children. This includes your adult children too.

My mother used to always tell me to “slow down”, and my reply was that I couldn’t. I ended up a divorced Mom and the weight of parenthood was firmly planted on my shoulders, but even in a two-parent home Moms do too much. Husbands may not do enough, and children do less. For the busy, frazzled, overwhelmed and overworked parent, here are my gentle suggestions for you.

  1. Teach your children how to handle money. Stop giving your children money no matter what the sob story may be. (Hint: check out for really practical information that will help you.  Make them work, and actually earn money. That’s a real world skill, and that’s what you have to do. Stop handing them money.  Stop it now!
  2. Help your child discover and develop his or her passion as it relates to their interest, work and livelihood. Just sending them to school each day is not enough. Dig deeper. It will save both of you time and money.
  3. Raise respectful, mannerly children. Do not accept backtalk and sassiness.
  4. Teach your children how to clean up after themselves.
  5. Teach them to cook, shop, and wash clothes. You will not do that for them forever.

Pray for your children. Teach them to love God. Show them unconditional love, but ask for a big pair of scissors for Mother’s Day. Cut the apron strings. Allow them to fly and flourish. That is the best Mother’s Day present you could give yourself. Frankly speaking, it’s time and you deserve it.

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