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DigitalEve Mission Statement

DigitalEve is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to
women within the context of technology. As a woman-focused and community-based
technology organization, DigitalEve draws upon the collective strength
of its global network of local communities to galvanize women involved
in, or interested in, technology; in turn, the members and local communities
within the DigitalEve global network have direct access to empowering,
multi-level technology-centered resources. DigitalEve harnesses the
global networking power of women in order to create a united voice that
recognizes and emphasizes the influence that women — at all levels
of involvement, ages, cultures, and abilities — have and should have
in the field of technology.

DigitalEve believes that, in order to move forward successfully and
positively, the technology industry must make significant efforts to
integrate, at all levels and within all contexts, the active participation,
the voices, and the guidance of women. With a transparent organizational
structure and commitment to fiscal responsibility, DigitalEve works
to develop and to be developed by its local communities. DigitalEve
encourages and depends upon the strength and growth of its grassroots
chapters, just as it organizes — internationally and nationally —
a network of programs, companies, services, content providers, and other
resources for the women within the DigitalEve network.

Within the context of technology, DigitalEve has dedicated itself to:

Build, on all levels, strong technology industry relationships
Provide an effective networking resource for the technology
industry’s top-level professionals, role models and mentors
Empower members to become top-level professionals,
role models and mentors in their fields
Advocate that women have economic, social, cultural
parity in the field of technology
Offer access to positive resources, valuable information,
and a community-based network for women involved in, or interested in,
Promote positive, balanced working conditions and lifestyles
in the technology industry
Develop low-cost, readily accessible educational opportunities
in technology
Encourage women and girls to pursue technology-related
Include all women — of all races, ethnicities, economic
levels, ages, abilities, and lifestyles — as participants in our technology

Created by a core group of women, DigitalEve is run and guided by women
experienced in and dedicated to developing value-added, woman-focused,
networking technology communities in local areas throughout Europe,
North America, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. The founding
members of DigitalEve have held prominent positions within multinational/national
corporations, regional/local companies, government offices, educational
institutions and other community service organizations.


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