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As a leader in the High Tech Economy of the
Technology Triangle, we are sure you would agree that developing and
nurturing future talent in this area is of paramount importance. Is
education a passion of yours? Do you want to take up the challenge of
making a difference in a young person’s life? Would you be willing to
help out by providing an internship/summer job for a promising young

and are currently organizing an educational initiative with
Technology Triangle High Schools to encourage business planning and technology
skills. The aim of the program is to promote transferable leadership skills
in accounting, finance, computer programming, marketing, etc., and increase
student skills in problem solving, math, written and verbal communication
skills, PC skills, etc.

Pitch-a-Plan engages
people from the business community to inspire and motivate Grade 9,
10, 11, and 12 students. Following the presentations, students will
be invited to participate in a team business plan competition, where
they will have to complete a simple business plan. Finalists will be
invited to pitch the plan to a panel of their peers and local community
business leaders. The business plan will have to meet several criteria
appropriate for their age group. The Pitch-a-Plan
teams will learn to rely on one another for various forms of expertise,
such as idea development, market research, writing, presentations, creative
design, financing, etc.

The Pitch-a-Plan
winners will be awarded the opportunity of interviewing for a position
with a business leader – such as yourself — in the area. That’s where
you come in. Most local area businesses offer summer employment opportunities.
Would you be willing to set aside one of your summer positions for one
of the winners of the Pitch-a-Plan competition?
Of course the student would have to undergo your normal interview process
to secure the job, and the type of work, length of work, salary, etc.,
are all up to you to determine based on your company policies. If you
are willing to provide a summer position as a prize, or for more information,
please contact Maxine Hyndman at [email protected] (519) 763-9660
ext 298. is a new economy incubator that strives to be the
partner of choice for entrepreneurs to co-develop their businesses into
highly successful enterprises. brings appropriate
resources to early stage e-business ideas to accelerate the idea-to-market
journey of a solid business. works with its partner
companies to refine their strategies, to broaden their management team,
and to ensure strong planning and execution.

Please note, this and DigitalEve
initiative targets young adults in the Technology Triangle area.


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