Grind and brew coffee makers – once you try, you’ll never go back!

No doubt, most working folk agree that coffee is one of the most important beverages of the 21st century. After all, it’s what most Americans use to wake them up in the morning. So what’s the secret to making not a good, but an awesome cup of coffee? Well most people believe the secret lies in doing the brewing yourself.

While it’s true you can get a great cup of coffee from a coffee shop, there’s nothing like the taste of fresh cup of coffee that you’ve brewed up yourself! Many coffee brewers do this well but to even get a better cup of coffee, while brewing your own cup of Joe, you should also consider grinding your own beans. Better yet, combine the two functions in one with a  grind and brew coffee maker!. There’s nothing like the convenience of an all-in-one machine ! A few different companies offer these convenient grind and brew coffee makers and some are quite affordable, some retailing for as low as $50. As with anything, true coffee connoisseurs with deep pockets can fork over upwards of ,000 for a grind and brew machine!

Affordability aside, there are several advantages to purchasing a grinder and a brewer all in one. For one, there’s less mess. If you’ve ever ground coffee beans before, you know how messy it can be! Grinding the beans in the machine that it brews cuts down on the mess, considerably. The downside is cleanup of the actual brewer and this can be difficult but crucial in making a good cup of coffee. If you leave old ground up beans in the machine, your coffee will take on an old, unfresh taste and definitely won’t leave you wanting more!

With the expense of coffee beans, you’ll want to make sure you use just the right amount for the cups that you will need– too many and you’ll end up throwing out coffee (you NEVER want to do that! Or worse, you’ll grind too many and end up saving them out of guilt and your next batch of coffee will end up stale and not fresh.

There’s nothing like setting up your coffee pot the night before and waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from freshly ground coffee beans! Once you experience this, you’ll never go back to instant or pre-ground coffee again!

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