Detoxification from alcohol abuse

Detoxification from Alcohol Abuse- We are Here to Help

Detoxification from Alcohol Abuse- We are Here to Help

Have you noticed signs of alcoholism in a loved one or yourself? The time to act is now! A chronic disease like alcoholism continues to worsen your health if you do not seek immediate help. At the Our Addiction Rehab, timely help has saved many lives.

If you have realized your addiction to alcohol and want to take action, you should start with our alcohol detoxification program. An advanced treatment facility like ours offers you many different detox programs to help you cope with the health effects of alcohol consumption. However, before you take the step, it is important to understand what detoxification actually means.

How Can Our Alcohol Detox Program Help You?

An important step in curbing alcoholism, alcohol detoxification can be defined as medical support and intervention we provide to help alcohol-dependent individuals face withdrawal symptoms. At our treatment facility, we help you manage these painful relapses with our alcohol detoxification programs.

You May Notice These Symptoms When Giving Up Alcohol! Contact Us Now!

  •  Nausea and vomiting

  • Anxiety, sweating, tremors

  • Agitation

  • Hallucinations, paranoia

  • Convulsions and seizures

To help you manage these symptoms without reaching out for the bottle, we map out detailed alcohol detox programs to clean your system. Apart from being provided with medication, Anaheim help-seekers are actively involved in the detox process and are educated on their problem with alcohol and the treatment measures.

Possible Treatments You Can Seek..

Understanding your lifestyle and other important factors, most Anaheim residents favor the different programs offered by the Our Addiction Rehab 

  1. Hospital based treatment

If you are an Anaheim resident seeking alcohol detoxification, you can opt for our all inclusive alcohol detox and rehab program. You can visit our facility as an inpatient and get treated in specialized units.

  1. Home based treatment

Our home based treatments or residential alcohol detox programs depend on the severity of your case. This program is executed in small steps, beginning by limiting contact with family and friends within a residential environment. The program also increases contact within fellow alcoholics and often leads to better results. As the program develops, help-seekers are allowed to socialize with the outside world by returning to school, work and eventually home.

  1. Partial / Day treatment

Such alcohol detox programs require partial hospitalization where treatment is provided for 4 – 8 hours everyday. Our day detox program is ideal for individuals who mostly stay at home as it requires constant support from a stable family.

  1. Outpatient treatment programs

We provide outpatient detox programs for working individuals who do not have the time for a day procedure. Most programs are conducted in the evenings to match the work timings of professionals. This detox program is aimed at individuals with a strong support system and motivation.

Contact the Our Addiction Rehab for further assistance on alcohol detoxification, alcohol rehabilitation, and interventions for residents in Anaheim. We can help you rid of your addiction and get back your life on track! 

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