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Are you processing electronic remittance advices?

By: Stephen Weiss

In today’s healthcare environment, if you are processing claims you should be submitting charges and receiving payments electronically. If you are not, you should be asking yourself why not?

Charges should be submitted electronically and dropped to paper if the Payer cannot accept charges electronically. Submitting charges electronically is being performed by many billing entities while receiving payments and payment advice electronically is not as widespread. The huge advantage to receiving payments electronically is that it eliminates the need to post the payments manually.

Receiving and processing payments electronically is not as straightforward as submitting charges. Here is a little background on processing electronic payments.

HIPPA envisioned the flow of medical payments via a transaction defined by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) X.12 standard. ANSI X.12 defines a transaction called an “835” to define the electronic Explanation Of Payment (EOP). The 835 has two parts: one section of the transaction acts as an Electronic Funds Transfer order, the other part the actual explanation of what was paid, with a summary and line item for each of the charge line items.

The larger Payers had systems in place for electronic funds transfer and did not adopt the EFT portion of the transaction. Those Payers that implemented the 835 transaction only provide explanation of payment information.

But now things start to get a little trickier – it doesn’t sound too bad that only one portion of the 835 transaction is implemented but this omission causes many processing challenges. A Payer may elect to send an 835, also called an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) transaction and make payment by either paper check or electronic funds transfer.

And therein lies the rub: you may receive an ERA but not actually have the money in the bank! The ERA may come before or after an electronic funds transfer and a check may arrive after you receive the ERA.

Typically, a service is required to perform something called Payment Association. Payment Association matches the ERA with the actual funds being available in your bank account. After the association is made, the ERA is released. Payment Association is performed by different third party vendors including several large money center Banks.

Not every Payer supplies an Electronic Remittance Advice. Payers may still send paper Explanations Of Payment with checks. Some Banks offer Lockbox services to accept the paper checks, deposit them and convert the paper Explanation Of Payment into an ERA along with the Payment Association services. The fees for this processing can be expensive and have to be weighed against the savings realized from the electronic posting of payments.

The conversion of the paper Explanation Of Payments is non-trivial as the paper is first scanned and then Optical Character Recognition software is used to lift the information off the images and is converted into electronic data. Staff is required to review areas of the images that the software could not identify. Patience and appropriate due diligence are required to select your vendor to perform this service for you.

Here are some things to do when setting up receiving electronic payment advices:

–         Your Practice Management System should have the ability to process Electronic Remittance Advices. If not, speak with your vendor about adding the feature via upgrading. If the vendor does not support this feature it’s time to find a new vendor.

–         Work with your Payers and software vendor to set up the Electronic
Data Interchange required to transfer the required files to your system.

–         If you receive a large volume of paper remittance from Payers that do not support electronic remittance, find a third party to convert the paper to Electronic Remittance Advices.

Setting up your practice to receive payments electronically can create huge savings in reduced labor costs and reduce processing errors.

To learn more about the solutions offered at AllegraMD, contact Stephen Weiss,, at [email protected]

Detoxification from alcohol abuse

Detoxification from Alcohol Abuse- We are Here to Help

Detoxification from Alcohol Abuse- We are Here to Help

Have you noticed signs of alcoholism in a loved one or yourself? The time to act is now! A chronic disease like alcoholism continues to worsen your health if you do not seek immediate help. At the Our Addiction Rehab, timely help has saved many lives.

If you have realized your addiction to alcohol and want to take action, you should start with our alcohol detoxification program. An advanced treatment facility like ours offers you many different detox programs to help you cope with the health effects of alcohol consumption. However, before you take the step, it is important to understand what detoxification actually means.

How Can Our Alcohol Detox Program Help You?

An important step in curbing alcoholism, alcohol detoxification can be defined as medical support and intervention we provide to help alcohol-dependent individuals face withdrawal symptoms. At our treatment facility, we help you manage these painful relapses with our alcohol detoxification programs.

You May Notice These Symptoms When Giving Up Alcohol! Contact Us Now!

  •  Nausea and vomiting

  • Anxiety, sweating, tremors

  • Agitation

  • Hallucinations, paranoia

  • Convulsions and seizures

To help you manage these symptoms without reaching out for the bottle, we map out detailed alcohol detox programs to clean your system. Apart from being provided with medication, Anaheim help-seekers are actively involved in the detox process and are educated on their problem with alcohol and the treatment measures.

Possible Treatments You Can Seek..

Understanding your lifestyle and other important factors, most Anaheim residents favor the different programs offered by the Our Addiction Rehab 

  1. Hospital based treatment

If you are an Anaheim resident seeking alcohol detoxification, you can opt for our all inclusive alcohol detox and rehab program. You can visit our facility as an inpatient and get treated in specialized units.

  1. Home based treatment

Our home based treatments or residential alcohol detox programs depend on the severity of your case. This program is executed in small steps, beginning by limiting contact with family and friends within a residential environment. The program also increases contact within fellow alcoholics and often leads to better results. As the program develops, help-seekers are allowed to socialize with the outside world by returning to school, work and eventually home.

  1. Partial / Day treatment

Such alcohol detox programs require partial hospitalization where treatment is provided for 4 – 8 hours everyday. Our day detox program is ideal for individuals who mostly stay at home as it requires constant support from a stable family.

  1. Outpatient treatment programs

We provide outpatient detox programs for working individuals who do not have the time for a day procedure. Most programs are conducted in the evenings to match the work timings of professionals. This detox program is aimed at individuals with a strong support system and motivation.

Contact the Our Addiction Rehab for further assistance on alcohol detoxification, alcohol rehabilitation, and interventions for residents in Anaheim. We can help you rid of your addiction and get back your life on track! 

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  • Detoxification from Alcohol Abuse- We are Here to Help
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5 cold sore fixes that will save you from misery > buy acyclovir

A cold sore can be a fluid-filled blister which usually appears close to the region. It is an infection which is caused with the herpes simplex virus (HSV) which is lying dormant in nerve cells supplying your lips and surrounding skin. A cold sore could be the herpes virus on your lip. Cold sore is contagious, meaning it could be can spread by direct contact perhaps a kiss, or through along with an infected towel, toothbrush, food utensils, and any shared ideas. It is painful, embarrassing and very frustrating. Furthermore, it has a tall tendency to send back or recur on identical spot. Once you begin feeling a tingle signifies the cold sore is located at the first stages. The next symptom of the common cold sore will be the open tender. It’s important to begin treating the area where the cold sore is forming, immediately.

You can say your dentist about your painful blister problems. He’d prescribe you some medications such as Denavir that might help treat the blisters. He or she also a person some topical cream with regard to example zovirax or some blister eliminator pills to help alleviate soreness and redness of the blisters.

[embedded content]

If you notice numerous small, fluid filled blisters on or near your patches of eczema it may be eczema herpeticum. This is rare, but it is potentially serious complication on the herpes simplex virus. It is imperative that you go to your doctor.

Don’t just throw any shingles on ones roof who wish to replace those old sort. In order to keep residence cooler typically the summer, regarding a light-colored shingle. Lighter colors reflect the heat, while darker colors absorb it and ultimately transfer the heat to house.

Increases home value. The roofing is important of your house and any modification in the condition will impact the selling price of your restaurant. By fixing your roof tweaking it in a really good shape on a day-to-day basis, the amount of life as well as the comfort level inside yourr home is increased. Additionally, the permanently maintained roof will may the value of your home and if you are to flip it in the near future, you can ask for additional information money too. It’s undeniable that buyers love houses that have properly maintained and maintained and seeing eventually get more buying introduces.

Two. Lysine Nutritional supplements – lysine is an amino acid that counteracts the requirements of genital herpes virus. A dose of 2000 to 3000 mg is proposed for individuals who have frequent sore outbreaks.

It vital to help your immunity if you need to get associated with your swollen breakouts and also. Take Vitamin C supplements because foods elevated in vitamin topic.

50 top blogs on fighting cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be one of the scariest things you ever hear and can trigger emotions running from anger to depression, fear to pity.  But cancer can be beaten, and there are countless stories out there of patients battling back their cancer and overcoming it completely.  Overcoming cancer depends on a number of things including treatment, speed, and even personal will.  Reading for inspiration is a great way to find and maintain hope in the face of this disease no matter what type of cancer you have.  Just knowing that you aren’t alone is often enough to give you strength through a difficult day.  Here are fifty of the very best blogs devoted to fighting cancer in all of its forms.

Online Support Communities

More than just blogs, these sites let you take part in discussions, connect with other patients, read inspirational or heartbreaking stories, and much more.

  1. Cancer Guide – This blog is filled with real stories from cancer patients and is one of the most inspirational sites on the internet.
  2. Onco Chat – This site allows you to share your own experiences, read those of others, and connect with other survivors.
  3. Hear Me Roar – This site is devoted to helping women with cancer find strength through others.  Personal stories, essays, blog posts, interviews, and more will help you find the inspiration you need to overcome your diagnosis.
  4. I’m Too Young for This – This site is focused on younger patients from fifteen to forty who are battling cancer.  Regular blog posts and connection options make it an important site for young cancer patients.
  5. The LGBT Cancer Project – Devoted to increasing cancer knowledge within the LGBT community, this site has been going strong for four years and is committed to offering education and awareness. 
  6. Blog for a Cure – You can read numerous blogs from different cancer survivors and even post your own.  Anything you want to write about is fine, and with so many members this is one of the most well-known cancer communities on the net.
  7. National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship – This is a cancer advocacy group fighting for quality cancer care for all patients and hopes to change the regulation, finances, and other functions of cancer change.  It’s led by a survivor, for survivors.
  8. Gilda’s Club – This site lets you read stories from survivors as well as the newest news developments related to cancer.
  9. Cancer Survivors Network – Ran by the American Cancer Society, this community helps you learn more about surviving cancer, read inspirational stories, and connect with others dealing with the disease.

Personal Blogs

These blogs were started by those dealing with cancer as both a way to help themselves cope with it and to give others inspiration and information on the condition.  Some are still regularly updated while the authors of others eventually lost their battle.  Still, reading them may help you find the strength, courage, and hope that you need to help with your condition. 

10.  Glenn Keeping – This site is updated by a gay man living with cancer and shares stories about life in both the cancer and gay communities.

11.  Tony’s Cancer – A blog from a cancer survivor detailing his battle against the disease.

12.  Baldy’s Blog – Written by a twenty five year old reporter who was diagnosed with two different types of leukemia at the same time.  He talked about all of his experiences here until he eventually passed away, although loved ones still make posts on the blog.  A highly inspirational and courageous blog.

13.  Red’s Daily Dish – This blog is run by an inspirational speaker who was diagnosed with cancer.

14.  Each Day Counts – Blog from a cancer survivor who also underwent a successful liver transplant, Each Day Counts helps provide inspiration to those who need it.

15.  David Green’s Prostate Cancer Survivor Blog – The name really says it all.  Here, David writes about his diagnosis, treatment, and battle against cancer as well as his life in general.

16.  My Cancer – NPR commentator Leroy Sievers made regular commentaries on the radio as well as posting daily updates to this blog on the NPR site.  Take a look at his life and his fight with cancer all the way up until his final days.

17.  Our Cancer – This site was born from My Cancer after Leroy’s death and hosts updates from the NPR community about cancer and life with it.

18.  Appendix Cancer Survivor’s Blog – Stories of life and triumph from a survivor of appendix cancer. 

19.  They Call Me Galvez – Eric Galvez writes blog posts about brain cancer and surviving it on this blog.

20.  Brain Hell – A moving, courageous blog written by a husband and father of two.  The final days are heartbreaking, but filled with love and courage.

21.  Cancer Diva – This woman was diagnosed with colon cancer and set about sharing her entire life through this blog.  From prescription info, treatment descriptions, wig shopping, and much, much more, this is an in depth, very candid look at life as a cancer patient.

22.  Asher’s Journey after Brain Cancer – Started by a mom whose son contracted brain cancer, this site is still updated.  The uplifting story of a boy who managed to overcome his cancer is moving and well worth reading.

23.  Surviving Leukemia – Still updated by the author’s parents, this site details his struggle with acute leukemia and beyond and has even been turned into a book.

24.  Losing the Butterfly – This blog is written by a thyroid cancer survivor and offers hope in the face of the disease.

25.  An Inch an Hour – Written by a man who survived prostate and rectal cancer, this blog discusses surviving cancer and enjoying life in general.

26.  Miss Melanoma – A blog written with levity, Miss Melanoma is a blog focused on dealing with skin cancer.

27.  Surviving Ovarian Cancer – Written by a woman coping with ovarian cancer, this blog shows her courage and hope leading into her final days and can help others find the strength and courage that they need as well.

28.  Cancer Guy – Written by a survivor of stage four colon cancer, this blog focuses not only on cancer, but on life, happiness, and other important matters.

29.  The Adventures of Baldylocks – Just as the name suggests, this blog from a leukemia survivor approaches the topic with a bit of humor and attitude that helps set it apart from other, more serious and somber blogs.

30.  Living With Prostate Cancer – This blog is devoted to all things related to the condition including treatment, bridging the gap between patients and doctors, wives of men with the condition, lumpectomies, and much, much more.  If you or a loved one is suffering from prostate cancer, this is a must visit blog.

31.  Lumpy’s Diary – A blog about the life of a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor including their battle with the disease.  Stories of other survivors are also shared on a regular basis, helping turn the blog into a community of sorts.    

32.  BruceDan’s Blog – This blog is honest and frank, detailing not only the successes in cancer battles but also the disappointments and how to overcome them when they rear their ugly heads. 

33.  Diary of a Survivor – Here a breast cancer survivor and successful author takes the time to show others that life doesn’t have to stop just because of cancer.  It talks about life with cancer, what to expect during treatments, and much more.

34.  The Colon Cancer Experience – This blog delivers just what its name suggests, telling you just what to expect during colon cancer, from diagnosis to treatment, medications to remission, and beyond.

35.  My Leukemia Diary – A blog from a man living with leukemia, including his struggles, disappointments, and numerous triumphs.  This is a very uplifting and inspirational blog worth visiting to keep your spirits high.

Organizational Based Blogs

These blogs are hosted or ran by various organizations committed to fighting cancer in all of its forms.  You can usually find inspirational stories as well as information on treatments, clinical trials, and conquering cancer at these blogs.

36.  The American Cancer Society – This site is filled with regular updates about various cancer news, stories, and survivor tales.  It also has a Cancer Survivors Network that is free to join.  Whether you need hope or cold, hard information, this is a great place to start.

37.  Children’s Cancer Hospital – This blog includes stories from nineteen different kids who all had different types of cancer at various degrees of seriousness.  All the children are of different ages and provide not only a frank story concerning their diseases, but also anecdotes about the hospital itself and what other children should expect.

38.  Cancer Kids – This site has existed since the early days of the internet and for over a decade has given children the chance to tell their cancer stories to others.  There are stories and links to different children to aid in navigation.

39.  Breast Cancer Stories – Over ten thousand visitors check out this site each month.  Visitors can read stories from breast cancer survivors, upload their own stories, and form connections with others who are battling breast cancer.

40.  The Mayo Clinic – For almost one hundred years the Mayo Clinic has helped people suffering from medical conditions.  The cancer section of the site lets you read stories on all types of cancer and provides you with not only inspiration, but a wealth of cancer related knowledge and news.

41.  Rare Cancer Support – This site is designed to give support, awareness, and information to both adults and children with very rare cancers.  Treatment stories, procedure descriptions, and cancer overviews are available and the site tries to gain donations for these little-discussed cancers.

42.  Cancer Guide – This site is filled with stories from numerous people about their struggle and also includes news and info on alternative therapy options, clinical trials, and much more.

43.  Prostate Cancer Advocacy and Action – This blog provides you with info on experimental drugs, answers to questions on the prostate and its cancer, treatment news, and much more.

44.  Breast Cancer Recovery – This blog helps promote four day retreats designed for women dealing with breast cancer and helps highlight what the retreat can do for you, as well as giving you more info on additional conferences devoted to the problem.

45.  Stupid Cancer – This blog is focused for younger patients, primarily those under forty.  Numerous bloggers write about all aspects of youth cancer culture including looks at medications, treatments, personal struggles, and much more.

46.  PSA Rising – This blog is devoted to spreading information and knowledge about prostate cancer and includes blog posts on news, treatments, dietary considerations, personal opinions, and more.

47.  MaleCare APC – The advanced prostate cancer section of the MaleCare site focuses on supplementing the primary care of prostate cancer.  You’ll find personal stories along with clinical trial information, treatment explanations, drug overviews, news, and more.

48.  Houston Cancer Examiner – Written by an employee of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, this blog breaks down the most recent and relevant cancer issues in plain English.  From medical marijuana to losing your job, from dealing with chemo to finding courage in unique places, this blog covers it all.

49.  El Blog Del Cancer – This blog is for Spanish speaking patients and covers all aspects of cancer including diet, genetics, medication, pregnancy during cancer, treatment options, and much more.

50.  Hospice and Caregiving – The Hospice Foundation operates this blog that is focused on delivering stories, articles, and studies related to hospice caregiving and facing the end of life with courage.

Cancer is scary, no matter what type you have.  Whether you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, the following months and years will undoubtedly be an emotional, mental, and physical rollercoaster.  Learning more about the basics of cancer, the treatments, the alternative therapies, and more can be difficult.  Just finding the strength, hope and courage can be as well.  Technology has made many advances in our lives, including in the actual treatment and care of cancer.  And even something as simple as watching a video on cancer can help you learn more about it or change your perspective on it.  YouTube makes it easy to view all types of videos, cancer related ones included.  Here are fifty of the best YouTube videos on cancer.

Educational Videos

Learning about cancer is tricky.  While you’re at the doctor’s office, important questions may slip your mind and it can be hard to even remember all that the doctor says.  While they’ll likely have some educational materials to send home with you, these YouTube videos can help you learn more about cancer whenever you need to.  While they can’t replace a doctor, they can shed some light on most questions or concerns.

  1. What Is Cancer? – This short clip from the MD Anderson Cancer Center helps answer the basic question of just what cancer is.
  2. 3D Cancer Explanation – This video uses 3D animation to help explain what cancer is.
  3. Cancer Cells vs. Healthy Cells – There’s a big difference between healthy cells and those that have been afflicted with cancer.  This 3d animation shows you just what those differences are.
  4. How Cancer Develops – This animation shows you, at a cellular level, how cancer develops within the body.
  5. Breast Cancer Progression – Another animation, this time showing you the progression of breast cancer and giving you a description of the different stage classifications.
  6. Breast Cancer Symptoms – This 3D animation video helps show you the various signs and symptoms that normally accompany breast cancer.
  7. Cancer Growth – This 3D animated video demonstrates how cancer cells spread through the body.
  8. How Does Cancer Kill? – This video helps provide you with a better understanding of why cancer is so dangerous and why it can eventually lead to death.
  9. Liver Cancer – This brief video examines liver cancer and helps explain the basics of the condition.

10.  Colon Cancer – This clip provides internal video that shows what colon cancer polyps and tumors look like inside your body.

11.  Breast Examination – In this video Doctor Chris Steele provides a demonstration on how to complete a self-exam of your breasts using a real woman as an example.

12.  Testicle Examination – The companion video to number eleven above, in which Dr. Steele demonstrates the proper way to check your testicles for signs of cancer.  Both of these videos can literally save your life through early detection.

13.  Mastectomy – While most women will shy away from seeing it, those who want to understand the surgical procedure used in severe breast cancer cases will find it here.  The video is very graphic and shows unedited surgery, but may help answer some basic questions about the procedure.

14.  Uterine Cancer – Here the MD Anderson Cancer Center helps explain the symptoms of uterine cancer and the various treatment options that exist for it.

15.  Advances in Radiation Therapy – Another clip from the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, this one explaining the latest advances in radiation therapy thanks to cutting edge research and clinical trials.

16.  Nanotechnology and Cancer – Once the stuff of science fiction stories, nanotechnology is finally upon us and making a real difference in the treatment of cancer.  This video tells you more about this groundbreaking treatment.

17.  Understanding Prostate Cancer – This video runs almost five minutes in length and explains all of the basics of prostate cancer to you in language that is easy to understand.  If you have prostate cancer questions, the chances are that they will be answered here.

18.  Prostate Cancer Surgery – This animated video explains the surgical procedure used to combat prostate cancer.

19.  Understanding Basal Cell Carcinoma – This video explains all of the basic questions concerning the most common form of cancer on the planet, Basal cell carcinoma.

20.  Understanding Squamous Cell Carcinoma – This video explains the basics of another type of skin cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma, including symptoms, risk factors, and treatment options.

21.  Understanding Your Cancer – This video covers the eleven different factors believed to trigger and facilitate the spread of cancer cells within the body.

22.  Chemotherapy – A general overview of chemotherapy including how it works, side effects, risks, and more.

23.  Chemotherapy 2 – The second part of the above video, continuing its explanation of chemotherapy treatment.

24.  Cancer and Your Diet – A quick look at some of the foods thought to lower the risk of cancer.  While there’s no guarantee, some of these have been linked by studies to reduce risk.

25.  How Does Lung Cancer Develop? – A video explaining how lung cancer develops in the body and how it spreads.

26.  Mouth Cancer Symptoms – A look at the various symptoms that accompany mouth cancer.

Unbelievable Cancer Clips

These videos focus unique, surprising, and hard to believe aspects of cancer prevention, treatment, and diagnosis.  They’re just a small sample of the many surprising findings related to cancer.

27.  Walnuts and Cancer – This clip explains the findings of a study done by Marshall University that found that a diet rich in walnuts showed signs of lowering cancer risks.

28.  Cancer Sniffing Dogs – This video from Reuters discusses dogs trained to sniff out cancer in patients, as incredible as it may sound.

29.  Virus that Attacks Cancer – This incredible report focuses on a team of researchers at Ottawa Hospital who claim to have developed a virus that can attack cancerous tumors without doing harm to the rest of your body.

Inspirational Cancer Videos

Sometimes basic information is great, but knowledge is only part of the battle against cancer.  From courage, hope, and sheer determination, your mental state plays a large role in overcoming cancer as well.  Of course, there are always days that are tougher than others.  These videos can help you by showing you the courage, grit, and inspiration that others have had over the years.

30.   Wayman Tisdale’s Battle – Former NBA star Wayman Tisdale went from a star on the court to off it thanks to his good nature, courage, and determination during his long battle with cancer.  It eventually ended when he passed away in 2008, but he’s still an inspiration to everyone who hears his story.

31.  One Incredible Woman – This video clip tells the story of Teri Griege, a stage four colon cancer patient who competed in the Hawaii Ironman Championships.

32.  Incredible Cancer Survivors – Short clip about the stories of remarkable cancer survivors.

33.  Valeria Garcia – At fifteen, Valeria was diagnosed with liver cancer and given no chance to live by virtually every doctor who saw her.  One was willing to operate, and Valeria is still cancer free.  This clip tells her story.

34.  My Incredible Cancer Experience – This is a collection of clips and videos detailing a woman’s battle with cancer.

35.  Young Breast Cancer Survivors – This clip introduces you to breast cancer survivors in their twenties, thirties, and forties and shows that there is indeed hope.

36.  Famous Breast Cancer Survivors – Watch this YouTube video to take a look at some of the famous survivors of breast cancer.

37.  Jillian is Cancer Free – This young girl underwent numerous operations but is now cancer free, and this clip tells her story through photos, videos, and words.

38.  Cancer Survivor Writes – This clip introduces you to Tammy Miller, a cancer survivor who now writes inspirational books.

39.  One Man’s Battle – The inspirational story of a man diagnosed with brain cancer and his fight against it.

40.  Adrianne – A video showing the courage and willpower of a young girl with brain cancer.

41.  Inspirational Cancer Survivor – A story of a young woman’s fight and triumph over cancer.

42.  Michael Douglas – A short video about the actor’s fight and triumph over throat cancer.

43.  My Second Cancer Battle – A video blog series from a woman battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

44.  Geraldine’s Journey – A video slideshow telling the story of a mother’s fight with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Cancer Humor

Cancer is certainly no laughing matter, but they do say that laughter is the best medicine.  This cancer related videos use humor to help explain the disease, cope with it, and talk about it while trying to keep a positive attitude and a good sense of humor.

45.  Cancer: The Power of Humor – A quick clip of cancer survivor Dave Fitzgerald discussing the disease and how humor is one of the best coping methods for it.

46.  The Cancer Song – Larry Brewer sings a quick, humorous song that any cancer patient can identify with.

47.  Prostate Cancer – This video explains prostate cancer using old western film clips, adding a touch of humor to a serious situation.

48.  Diana Jordan – Breast Cancer survivor and comedian Diana Jordan discusses the importance of using humor during the healing process. 

49.  Funny Cancer Wig Stories – A side effect of some cancer treatments is hair loss, and this video features some of the more amusing stories that have happened as a result of wig mishaps.

50.  Stand Up – Dave Fitzgerald talks about his prostate cancer during a stand up benefit show.

A bladder infection is simply a bacterial infection within the bladder.  It is a type of urinary tract infection and while more common among women, it does affect men as well.  A number of causes and treatments exist for this issue, and left untreated it can become even more of an issue.  While a doctor will likely place you on a course of antibiotics to take care of the issue, using natural methods can help you avoid developing a resistance to the drugs.  While a doctor should always be consulted, there are a number of natural ways to both treat and prevent bladder infections.  Here’s a look at twenty five of the very best natural remedies for this painful and sometimes embarrassing condition.  You may have heard of some, and some may surprise you, but all are reported to have some measure of success with the issue.

  1. Herbal Supplements – There are a wide range of different herbal supplements out there, some more effective than others.  Echinacea and goldenseal root are both thought to help with bacterial infections and to promote a healthier immune system, and could help you with bladder infections.
  2. Herbal Teas – Teas boiled down into tea form are often used to relive bladder inflammation.  The most common ones used for this purpose include marshmallow root, juniper, alfalfa, couch grass, parsley, and yarrow.
  3. Water – Simply put, drinking plenty of water can help to keep your bladder clean and free from infection.  Most regular sufferers of bladder infections aren’t drinking enough water.
  4. Juice – Along with water, certain juices can help to flush out the urinary tract.  The most famous of these is cranberry juice, and it is so effective that most physicians will recommend its use to their patients.
  5. Vitamin C – Alternatively, you can use vitamin C supplements to help provide the same boost of antibacterial function that cranberry juice provides.
  6. Vitamin Supplements – In addition to vitamin C, a number of different vitamins and minerals have been closely linked with dealing with regularly recurring infections.  These include zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin E.
  7. Proper Diet – Your diet plays a role in all aspects of your health, and your bladder health is no different.  A diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and low in sugars, carbs, and oils will help you avoid bladder infections.
  8. No Sugar – While mentioned above, it deserves its own place on this list since sugars are the main breeding ground for the bacteria that trigger infections.  Avoiding all sugars will let you avoid infections. 
  9. Magnesium Citrate – This supplement helps create alkaline urine that makes it much more difficult for bacteria to survive.  It works to prevent as well as treat the problem.
  10. Aromatherapy – Most people won’t believe it until they try it, but a large number of patients have found that aromatherapy provides them some relief from their symptoms.  The scents of sandalwood, pine, juniper, tea tree, and cedar wood are among the most effective and are normally used in baths or body compresses.
  11. Good Sex Habits – There are some studies that link urine buildup during sex to bladder infections.  Something as simple as urinating immediately before and after intercourse could help lower your chance of developing bladder infections.
  12. Empty Your Bladder – Similarly, take the time to ensure that your bladder empties completely during urination.  Simple relaxation techniques can help you drain it completely, which will reduce the chances of bacterial buildup.
  13. Acupuncture – It’s certainly another step that many doubt, but those who have used acupuncture to help with their bladder infections have reported a great deal of success from it.
  14. Acupressure – Acupressure is similar to acupuncture in that it uses specific points on the body to relieve pressure from it, albeit without the needles.  It may help your bladder infections.
  15. Vinegar – Infusing water with as much vinegar as you can tolerate comfortably can have a cleaning effect on your bladder and urinary tract.  Cider vinegar is normally the preferred type of vinegar to use.
  16. Chiropractic Treatment – While normally thought of as just a back pain relief method, regular visits to the chiropractor can help rebalance your lower spine and improve bladder function tremendously.
  17. Detoxification – A number of detoxification processes may be able to provide urinary tract cleansing and reduce or eliminate bladder infections.
  18. Colon Cleansing – Your bowels and digestive system are closely tied to your urinary tract, and a colon cleansing may help improve overall function and reduce infection opportunities.
  19. Fasting – Brief periods of fasting have been shown to help cleanse the bladder and urinary tract and relieve problems caused by infections.
  20. Hydrotherapy – A number of hydrotherapy options exist for dealing with bladder infections, including sitz baths and compresses.
  21. Exercise – Simple exercise can help promote good overall health and a properly functioning body.  A few hours each week of physical activity can help you feel better and reduce infections.
  22. Garlic – Mixing garlic, olive oil, and warm water has been shown to combat infections since garlic itself does have some antibacterial properties.
  23. Baking Soda – Likewise, mixing a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with a glass of water can help to neutralize acids in your urine, turning it more alkaline in nature and making it harder for bacteria to survive.
  24. Sleep – Your body needs sleep to function properly, and ensuring that you take the time needed to get a good night’s sleep is vital.  Not only will you feel better all around, you’ll be less likely to develop bladder infections.
  25. Relax – Finally, taking the time to relax can help tremendously.  Stress has been linked to everything imaginable, and infections are no different.  Reducing your stress levels can help reduce the chance of developing bladder infections.

Urology is a branch of medicine that focuses on the urinary tracts of men and women as well as on the male reproductive system. It covers a wide range of topics and a number of different conditions. From simple procedures like vasectomies to complicated illnesses like bladder or prostate cancer, urology is as varied as it is important. Understanding all that urology can do is easier when you have visual aids to help. These twenty five YouTube videos can help make it easier to understand the facts about this medical specialty.


These video clips can help explain the basics of urology to you, and focus on generalized overviews of the subject.

  1. What Is Urology? – A very quick explanation of just what urology is and why it’s so important.
  2. The Profile Series: Urologists – A longer clip that takes an in depth look at urologists and what they do for their patients.
  3. Women and Urology – A short video that discusses urology’s effects on women and highlights the most common conditions treated by urologists.
  4. Mayo Clinic Review of Urology – A clip from the famous Mayo Clinic that discusses the basics of urology.
  5. Introduction to Urology – This video is just what its title sounds like, and serves as a brief introduction to the world of urology.
  6. Urology – A concise description of urology, including a look at what conditions it treats, what a urologist does, and much more.
  7. 3D Human Anatomy for Urology – A simple 3D animated video showing the parts of the body that urology focuses on. This clip’s great for students of urology as well as those looking to understand more about it. 
  8. Specific Procedures
    These clips explain a wide range of different procedures that urologists use to treat various conditions. Some are graphic surgery clips, but clips that can still help you to understand what a urologist does.

  9. Cryosurgery Animation – This animated video shows you the basics of cryosurgery, a procedure used by urologist to help eliminate prostate cancer.
  10. Laparoscopic Urology – A clip highlighting the benefits of using a less invasive surgical procedure for common urology problems.
  11. What to Expect from an Evaluation – A urologist takes a few moments to help you understand what you should expect when you visit a urologist for an examination.
  12. Robotic Kidney Stones Removal – This video discusses the basics of kidney stone removal via a robotic procedure.
  13. Urological Robotic Surgery – Another video about robotic surgery, this one discussing its uses in other urological applications.
  14. Penile Implants – A video showing you the basics behind penis implants made for men who suffer from extreme erectile dysfunction.
  15. Vasectomy – This clip explains the basics of the simple vasectomy procedure.
  16. Vasectomy: Get the Facts – A urologist tells you all that you need to know about vasectomies, including what to expect, how it is done, and more.
  17. USC Urology – In this clip you’ll find out about basic urology procedures used to combat bladder incontinence.
  18. Male Urology Exam – A video of a basic urological examination including testicular, kidney, and prostate exams.
  19. Conditions

    A wide range of different conditions are diagnosed and treated by urologists. These videos help explain some of the most common ones that appear in men and women, as well as some of the most serious ones.

  20. Kidney Stones – This clip explains all that you need to know about the painful condition known as kidney stones.
  21. Kidney Stone Removal – A short surgical video showing the removal of kidney stones.
  22. Bladder Infection Symptoms and Remedies – This video explains the basic symptoms of a bladder infection as well as some remedies used to help them.
  23. Urinary Tract Infection – A clip explaining the basics of a urinary tract infection.
  24. Bladder Cancer – A video that goes into detail explaining all that you need to know about bladder cancer.
  25. Prostate Cancer – This video tells you the basics of the dangerous disease known as prostate cancer.
  26. Prostate Disorders – This is a longer video that discusses all of the various disorders that can affect the prostate gland.
  27. Sexually Transmitted Diseases – A video that deals with the basics of sexually transmitted diseases, explained by a urologist.

Bladder cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer among men, and the eighth most common among women.  Left untreated, this cancer can spread to nearby organs or beyond.  Your doctor will likely go over all of the various treatments, symptoms, and basics of bladder cancer after your diagnosis.  But your mind can be left reeling by the discovery, and virtually every day will bring new questions, concerns, and fears.  Reading is great for finding out more about bladder cancer, but watching videos can provide you with visual aids to help you understand the facts about bladder cancer even better.  And when it comes to inspirational stories, a video can attach a face to a name.  Here are twenty five of the best YouTube videos related to bladder cancer.

Informative Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth even more.  These informative videos will help teach you all about bladder cancer, from risk factors to symptoms, prevention to treatment.

  1. Bladder Cancer – First in a two part series wherein Dr. Andrew Siegel explains the basics of bladder cancer.
  2. Bladder Cancer 2 – The follow up video to the above clip, with Dr. Siegel continuing his explanation of the condition.
  3. Bladder Cancer Explained – Another video overview of bladder cancer using visual aids to help you understand the disease.
  4. Bladder Cancer Causes – A short video detailing the various known causes of bladder cancer.
  5. What are the Signs and Symptoms? – A one minute primer on the most common signs and symptoms of bladder cancer.
  6. Symptoms of Bladder Cancer – Dr. Alan So helps to explain the basic symptoms of the disease.
  7. Robotic Cystectomy – A video explaining the basics behind the minimally invasive surgery used to remove bladder cancer.
  8. Recognizing the Early Warning Signs – A video explanation of the earliest warning signs of bladder cancer to help you identify it for early detection.
  9. Risk Factors of Bladder Cancer – A short video that details the various risk factors that have been associated with bladder cancer.

10.  Bladder Tumor – A short surgical video of a bladder tumor to help give you an idea of what they look like.

11.  Bladder Cancer Treatment – Dr. Alan So breaks down the basic types of bladder cancer treatment available today.

12.  Bladder Cancer Overview – If you’d rather watch a single long video about bladder cancer, this fifteen minute clip will tell you all of the basics including symptoms, treatments, risk factors, and more.

13.  Carcinoma of Bladder – Graphic clip of surgery used to remove carcinoma of the bladder.  This is an example of open surgery, today laparoscopic surgery is preferred.

14.  Bladder Cancer Mayo Clinic – A clip from the Mayo Clinic that covers the basics of bladder cancer. 

15.  Bladder Cancer Risks and Symptoms – A quick video highlighting the various risks associated with bladder cancer as well as a look at the main symptoms that could mean you have a problem.

16.  When to Remove the Bladder – An explanation of when the time is right to consider bladder removal.

17.  Surgical Options for Bladder Removal – A comparison of the most common types of surgery used for bladder removal.

Survivor Stories

These videos focus on the people who’ve been diagnosed with bladder cancer and their stories.  If you’re looking for honest, real descriptions of what you may expect over the course of your treatment, these are the best videos to look at.  They can also help give you another tool to use in your fight against cancer – hope.

18.  Janette’s Plea – A short clip of bladder cancer survivor Janette telling about her survival and urging others to sign the donor registry

19.  Life With Bladder Cancer – This video highlights what life is like as both a bladder cancer patient and a bladder cancer caregiver.

20.  Song for Jean – A music video devoted to bladder cancer patient and mother Jean, which can help you feel hope and love yourself.

21.  Cancer Survivor Story – A clip of a standup comedian and cancer survivor delivering his inspirational story amid doses of good humor.

22.  Surviving Bladder Cancer – A video telling the tale of one patient’s fight against bladder cancer.

New Breakthroughs and Awareness

These videos focus on helping you understand new techniques on the cutting edge of bladder cancer treatment as well as some uncommon preventative measures you can take.  There are also some videos devoted to awareness of the disease.

23.  New Hope – This video talks about a team of Melbourne doctors with a new technique for treating bladder cancer.

24.  Advances in Bladder Cancer Treatment – A brief overview of the many advances in bladder cancer treatment including what’s possible now and what’s on the horizon.

25.  BCAN Awareness Video – An awareness video from the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network that shares some bladder cancer facts.

As a medical field that focuses on all aspects of the urinary tracts of men and woman and the reproductive systems of men, urology can be a very diverse field. For many, it can also be interesting and important. From preventative tips to general information, there are a number of blogs out there that are designed to help you learn more about urology. Finding them can be difficult thanks to the huge number of blogs on the web. To make it easier for you to find them, here is a list of the twenty five best blogs focusing on urology.

Blogs from Doctors

Many urologists feel that it is important to share their knowledge with those in need of it, and blogs are a great way to do just that. These blogs are written by urologists and strive to help you understand basic principles of urology.

  1. Dr. Schoor’s Urology Blog – This urology blog is written by Dr. Richard A. Schoor and focuses on all aspects of urology.
  2. Dr. Neil Baum’s Urology Blog – Dr. Neil Baum uses this blog to spread the word about urology and to keep you informed on the subject.
  3. Uro Stream – This blog is written by a female urologist and while it hasn’t been recently updated, it is still filled with interesting information.
  4. New York Uro – Dr. Gratas answers basic questions about urology here on his blog.
  5. Hokie MD – This blog is written by a urology resident and details their life as well as the subject of urology from the eyes of a new entrant into the field.
  6. Blogs from Organizations

    A variety of different health oriented organizations host blogs, some dealing with urology from time to time and others focused solely on urology. Here are some of the best blogs ran by medical organizations.

  7. The Male Room – WebMD hosts this blog from Dr. Sheldon Marks. It focuses on all aspects of male health, including urology based questions about topics like vasectomies, prostate cancer, and more.
  8. NeuroUroGastro Preclinical Research – This blog is a bit more technical but focuses on a variety of pelvic conditions including those that fall under the umbrella of urology.
  9. About.Com Urology – This urology blog is hosted on and posts updates on the field of urology.
  10. Doctor’s Lounge Urology – The urology section of the Doctor’s Lounge website is home to numerous posts from various doctors concerning urology.
  11. Associates in Urology – On this blog nine different certified urologists post about various aspects of urology
  12. Sea Spray Urology Blog – A blog that deals with the importance of urology and communication within the field.
  13. History of Endoscopy– Endoscopy is a technique used in a variety of different urological procedures, and this site covers all aspects of it as well as its use in urology.
  14. Health Boards – Not quite a blog but much more than a website, the urology message boards have numerous discussions on the topic including questions and answers related to it.
  15. Specialists in Urology – This site is filled with testimonials from urology patients that help you understand what to expect from your urologist no matter what your specific condition may be.
  16. MedHelp Urology – The urology section of the MedHelp site features blog postings as well as answers to urology questions from a professional urologist, and can answer a variety of the most commonly asked urology related questions.
  17. Johns Hopkins Medical – A subsection of the Johns Hopkins site that focuses on all aspects of urology and has a variety of different topics.

  18. Blogs on Specific Conditions

    These blogs focus on specific conditions related to urology, some written by doctors and some written by patients suffering from the conditions. They can help you learn what to expect from various illnesses if you’re diagnosed with one.

  19. Kidney Stones Blog – A blog focused on covering all aspects of kidney stones.
  20. Urinary Tract Blog – This blog focuses on a variety of topics related to the urinary tract.
  21. Bladder Cancer at Johns Hopkins – A blog focusing on bladder cancer from Johns Hopkins
  22. Bladder Cancer at WebCafe – WebCafe’s regularly updated blog on all things related to bladder cancer.
  23. The Prostate Cancer Blog – A blog that allows anyone to submit content. It’s filled with info on prostate cancer.
  24. MedicineWorld Prostate Cancer – The prostate cancer blog at the MedicineWorld site. Regularly updated with news, content, and information.
  25. ProstaBlog – This blog is kept fairly current and focuses on living with prostate cancer as well as updates concerning news and developments related to it.
  26. Urinary Health Blog – This blog covers all aspects of urinary health and answers a number of related questions.
  27. Can Be Cured – This health blog’s urinary health section is filled with information on good urinary health and can help you identify symptoms, recognize problems, and understand more about the subject.

Bladder cancer causes the growth of abnormal cells within the bladder, as is a relatively common but very serious condition.  It ranks ninth in cancer prevalence among women and is the fourth most common type of cancer that men can get.  Left untreated, bladder cancer can spread into other parts of the body and can quite possibly cause death.  There are a number of different symptoms for the condition as well as a number of possible treatments.  And while specific causes are still unknown, there are numerous things that have been linked to this dangerous disease.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, you probably have hundreds of questions about it and will probably need as much support and knowledge as you can find.  Luckily, the internet can help you find out all that you need to know.  Whether it’s basic information, news on new developments, or just stories from those who have been dealing with bladder cancer, a number of different blogs exist that can help you.  Here are twenty five of the best.

General Info Blogs

Once you’re diagnosed, the questions will follow.  While your doctor will likely help explain your initial questions, you’ll undoubtedly have even more questions.  These blogs help give you basic information about bladder cancer.

  1. Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network – Here you’ll get information about the various types of treatment used against bladder cancer, a list of the symptoms, and be able to connect and communicate with members of the network for answers and support.
  2. Go Bladder – All of your bladder and bladder cancer questions are covered at this blog, which provides info on the basic functions of the bladder as well as reviewing the different treatment options for bladder cancer patients.  The blog writer also takes the time to answer visitor’s questions.
  3. Cancer Connect – This is the first stop for many recently diagnosed with bladder cancer, and with good reason.  Not only does the blog provide a quality, comprehensive overview of bladder cancer, it also provides numerous links to support groups and informative resources.
  4. Elekta Blog – This medical blog focuses primarily on cancer and neuroscience and provides an overview of the symptoms and treatments for bladder cancer as well as highlighting some of the most common risk factors and possible causes.
  5. Bladder Cancer WebCafe – This blog helps you understand the basics of bladder cancer and its treatment, provides links to resources and support, and allows you to become a part of a community that is made up of those with bladder cancer.  You can interact with others and even post your own bladder cancer experiences on a blog.
  6. NHSUK – The UK’s National Health Service hosts this blog and offers a wealth of info on bladder cancer including its treatments, symptoms, and causes.  It’s a great starting point for your research and can help you gain a better understanding about the disease.
  7. Cut Your Cancer Risk – This Australian based blog focuses on steps that you can take to avoid cancer by cutting out risk factors.  You’ll find nutritional tips, health tips, and bladder cancer related information.

Research and News

Knowing the newest cancer related news can help give you hope or lead you to new treatment options.  These blogs keep you up to date on the latest developments.

8.  Cancer News – This blog gathers together news reports related to all types of cancer and helps keep you up to date on new discoveries and treatments for bladder cancer.

9.  Johns Hopkins Bladder Cancer Blog – Johns Hopkins is world renowned, and Dr. David Berman, a leading bladder cancer researcher for the hospital, posts regular updates here.  You’ll find out all about the newest research and be able to participate in discussions with other blog visitors.

10.  Know – Visiting this site will let you find out more about the most recent cancer research, read stories from those with cancer, and find out about the basics of bladder cancer.

11.  Bladder Cancer Topix Blog – This site functions as a blog and a search engine and gives you a look at all of the bladder cancer news worth reading about.

12.  Medicineworld Bladder Cancer News – A compilation of the newest news articles related to bladder cancer. 

13.  Natural News Bladder Cancer – This blog gathers the most recent reports related to bladder cancer for your review, and tries to focus on natural ways to help cope with the condition.

14.  Cancer Page – This site is devoted to all types of cancer and is divided according to types.  Get news and info on bladder cancer easily thanks to the search feature.

Personal Blogs

Many people choose to cope with their bladder cancer by posting regular blogs about it, and reading them can help you understand what it’s like to live with this condition as well as help you find the strength and inspiration to overcome it.

15.  When You Both Have Cancer – Written by a husband and wife who each have cancer, this blog gives you a look at a couple’s life living with the condition while trying to find some levity in the situation.  He has bladder cancer, she has breast cancer.

16.  Life in the Cancer Fallout Zone – This blog focuses not on those with cancer, but on those who care for them.  Caring for a loved one with cancer can be an emotional, difficult process and this blog helps.

17.  My Cancer, Since Everyone Has to Know – The blog writer here tries to use humor to help highlight his fight against bladder cancer and has been going strong since 2010.

18.  Got Bladder Cancer – For the last three years the writer of this blog has been sharing his struggle with bladder cancer, giving you a personal look at living with the condition as well as helping explain basic information on it.

19.  Living with Bladder Cancer – A woman with bladder cancer posts updates here to help inspire and inform visitors by sharing her daily life and all of her struggles.

20.  Surviving Bladder Cancer – Using occasionally graphic descriptions, the author of this blog talks about all aspects of living with bladder cancer, surviving it, and living as a survivor. 

21.  My Bladder Cancer Journey – Another blog that helps provide inspiration and information at the same time by detailing treatments and life as a bladder cancer patient.

22.  Live Strong – You’re probably already familiar with the title, and this is indeed the official blog from the Live Strong site ran by Lance Armstrong.  You’ll find coping tips, a look at symptoms and treatment, and personal stories about life with cancer and overcoming it.

23.  My Cancer – NPR, the National Public Radio, runs this blog that is posted on by a variety of writers.  Hear from cancer survivors, find out more about bladder cancer, and read daily accounts of life with cancer.

24.  Blog for a Cure – Scores of cancer related blogs are combined here, at what is basically a massive online support group.  Various sections are related to specific cancers but you can learn much from all of the different postings here, from bladder cancer and beyond.

25.  Cancer Forums – More like a support group or online community than a blog, these forums are devoted to cancer of all types and can help you find more info on bladder cancer, connect with other patients, and keep up to date on cancer information.

Urology is a medical field that focuses on the urinary tract as well as the male reproductive system.  As such, it encompasses a wide range of specific subjects.  Everything from a simple bladder infection to prostate cancer falls under the urology field.  And like most medical subjects, it is constantly evolving as new techniques are uncovered each day.  These podcasts focus on urology in all its various forms and are perfect if you want to learn about urology or stay up to date on all that is happening in the field.

  1. TTMed Urology International – This podcast focuses on urology and is optimized for use with the ITunes software.  If features sit down interviews with leaders in the field.
  2. MUSC Health – The Medical University of South Carolina hosts these podcasts, each of which are short and targeted on specific subjects within the urology field.  You simply need to select the topic you want to learn about to hear the basics concerning it.
  3. UroToday Podcasts – UroToday is a website devoted to the latest developments in urology, and has a huge assortment of related podcasts to choose from.  Interviews, news stories, and more are available for free.
  4. StillWater Medical Group – The StillWater Medical Group provides these free podcasts, each of which focuses on a different topic.  From prostate cancer to erectile dysfunction, all urology subjects are covered here.
  5. Urology Times – Urology Times has begun a podcast program that aims to keep listeners informed on all of the various developments in the urology field and offers its podcasts for free.
  6. Medscape Urology Podcast – This is a direct link to the ITunes page for the urology podcast from Medscape.  It offers up to date news and breakthroughs in the field as well as interviews and other content well worth hearing about.
  7. Medreviews Urology Podcast Series – These podcasts are part of the Medreviews Medical Podcast Series and focus on all aspects of the urology field, with basic information as well as new breakthroughs.
  8. Urology Specialists Podcasts – These urology based podcasts are done by several licensed urologists and are also available in video format for your convenience.
  9. Mayo Clinic Urology Podcasts – These podcasts are hosted by the Mayo Clinic and are part of a huge collection of medical based podcasts.  There are a variety of different subjects addressed in these pods, from the basic to the advanced.
  10. Lancaster Health – Lancaster Health has a long list of urology related podcasts, each of them focusing on a specific issue.  You’ll likely find your questions answered here.

Bladder cancer is the fifth most diagnosed of all types of cancer, ranking fourth among men and eighth among women.  A diagnosis of bladder cancer can be scary, and you’ll likely have a new question every single day after you or a loved one is diagnosed.  Your doctor can answer most questions, but staying informed is much easier today thanks to the internet.  There are a number of podcasts designed to help spread the word about bladder cancer.  Some feature basic overviews on the subject, some focus on delivering the newest news reports on the topic, and some do both.  Wading through the plethora of podcasts can be tricky, however, but this list of the ten best podcasts on bladder cancer will make learning easier.

  1. University of Maryland Medical Center – This brief podcast explains the basics of bladder cancer and can help shed some light on the subject.
  2. MedWorm Podcasts – The MedWorm site is filled with informative podcasts, and these focus on bladder cancer including info on clinical trials, treatments, and much more.
  3. CancerCare Bladder Cancer Podcasts – These podcasts from CancerCare cover all aspects of bladder cancer, from the treatments to coping with fears or loss of income.  It’s one of the most comprehensive collections on the subject.
  4. MUSC Health Podcasts – The podcast library at the Medical University of South Carolina is filled with informative podcasts about bladder cancer, including its symptoms, treatment, and more.
  5. FDA Drug Safety Podcasts – This surprising podcast from the Food and Drug Administration talks about the dangers of certain drugs and examines their link to bladder cancer.
  6. My Bladder Cancer Journey – Blog posts and podcasts from a patient diagnosed with bladder cancer, detailing the basics of the disease and life while fighting it.
  7. Mayo Clinic Bladder Cancer Podcasts – The world famous Mayo Clinic hosts a number of different podcasts, including these that focus on bladder cancer.  The podcasts discuss risk factors, symptoms, treatment options, and much more.
  8. MD Anderson Cancer Center Podcasts – These podcasts are provided by the MD Anderson Cancer Center and discuss the newest breakthroughs in the treatment of this dangerous disease.
  9. University of Maryland – The Marlene and Stewart Greenbaum Cancer Center at the University of Maryland also has numerous podcasts related to bladder cancer, including a good overview of the various aspects involved in its development and its treatment.

10.  UroToday Podcasts – The UroToday urology website is focused on delivering regular content, and has sections on a number of urology related conditions including bladder cancer.

Actos is an oral medication prescribed for people diagnosed with diabetes. The medication is used to help control blood sugar levels in people with type II diabetes. It is not prescribed for people with type I diabetes. Actos in combination with proper diet and exercise aids in the control of blood sugar levels by helping the body use the insulin it makes more efficiently. Actos also helps prevent the liver from making more sugar than the body needs. This allows the sugar in the blood to get where it needs to go and prevents sugar build up in the bloodstream.

Actos Dosage

Actos is part a program that includes both diet and exercise to control blood sugar levels. Follow all diet, exercise and medication instructions closely and check blood sugar levels regularly.  Changes in diet, exercise and medications can affect blood sugar levels, so ask your doctor if you feel modification is needed in your routine or medication dosages.

As with any prescription medication, always take Actos exactly as prescribed by your doctor. The doctor may sometimes adjust dosages based on specific needs to ensure the patient is getting the most benefit from the medication. Usually, patients take Actos twice a day with or without food. While taking the mediation the diabetes patients need to schedule regular visits with their doctor for blood tests. Patients must use Actos as prescribed for best results, and refill the prescription before the medication runs out. If the patient misses a dose of Actos, take it right as soon as it is remembered, unless it close to the next dosage time, then skip that does and return to your normal dosing schedule.

Actos Side Effects

As with all medications, Actos does have both common and serious side effects for diabetes patients. The less serious side effects include:

  • Cold symptoms that includes sneezing, coughing, stuffy or runny nose and sore throat
  • Gradual weight gain
  • Headache
  • Low back pain
  • Tooth problems

Seek Medical help immediately if believe you are having an allergic reaction to Actos. Symptoms of an allergic reaction consist of swelling of the tongue, throat or lips, hives or difficulty breathing. Some serious side effects that require emergency medical help include:

  • Rapid weight gain or swelling
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness, pale skin, easy bruising
  • Dark urine or clay colored stools
  • Chest pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Stomach pain and blood urine
  • Increase in hunger or thirst
  • Yellowing of the skin or eyes
  • Frequent urination

Hypoglycemia Risk

It is possible for patients to experience hypoglycemia or low blood sugar while taking Actos. The symptoms of low blood sugar include weakness, hunger, sweating, irritability, headache and trouble concentrating.  You need to know the symptoms of low blood sugar and make sure your family recognizes the symptoms and know how to care for you in an emergency. Carrying glucose tablets or gel with you is a good idea in case you experience hypoglycemia away from home. 

Effective Medication

Overall, Actos is an effective medication in the treatment of diabetes. In some cases, the doctor may only prescribe Actos when all other diabetic medication has failed to work. Doctors tend to use this medication last because of it can increase the risk of bladder cancer and heart failure. You can only take Actos for one year because of the bladder cancer risks, so other medication choices will need to be discussed with your doctor prior to ending your Actos regime. If you have any concerns about Actos, your doctor or pharmacist is your best source of information and help.


Actos Family

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