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green tea weight lossGreen tea weight loss can be achieved in one of two ways.

You can consume green tea in liquid form, or you can get it into your system by wearing a patch.

Wearing a patch is often preferred by people who lead very busy lives.

Thus they tend to forget to take their supplements, vitamins and even medications. They are too rushed to keep in mind a small item like consuming green tea every day.

Green Tea Weight Loss

For these people, using an eco-friendly weight reduction green tea patch is the ideal solution. It simply leaves them free from having to remember to keep drinking tea throughout the day, or go ahead and take capsules.

All they would need to do would be to make sure to stick on the patch every day and they’re set till the next day.

Does Green Tea Work In Weight Loss?

Watch this video and make up your own mind about green tea weight loss…over 4 million people have watched it so you won’t be disappointed.

A study reported by the American Journal of Clinical Diet indicated that eco-friendly green tea extracts produce significant increases in spent energy. Spent energy describes how the metabolic process is measured.

It was also reported that green tea extract also produced a dramatic impact on oxidation of body fat.

Drinking Green Tea Lose Weight

A few of these effects were initially believed to be triggered through the caffeine present in green tea. However, scientists have found that green tea produced effects beyond what was initially attributed to the caffeine in tea.

Further study showed that caffeine had little if any effect on fat loss. This has brought scientists to theorize that some type of interaction is going on with green tea’s ingredients that caused the rise in body fat oxidation and metabolic processing of body fat.


Caffeine is another a part of eco-friendly tea diet supplements. When caffeine and EGCG, a substance found in many plants, are mixed together, a person’s metabolic process increases, which results in getting rid of more calories.

So when EGCG triggers the discharge from the hormone noradrenaline, a person’s appetite decreases. When that occurs less food is consumed.

While further study is needed to understand these chemical reactions in the body, the initial benefits of green tea are particularly encouraging.

Best Tea for Weight Loss

Furthermore, the beneficial effects of consuming green tea are more dramatic in other processes of the human body, such as preventing and curing decease.

Another study conducted at the University of Chicago provided further proof of the weight reduction properties of green tea. One aspect of the study showed that green tea had a significant impact on reducing appetite.

Another finding was that green tea controls the amount of blood sugar flowing in the body. The combination of both of these factors contributes to weight reduction.

Green Tea Fat Burner

Another green tea weight reduction study was done at a university in Geneva. In that study scientists have found that green tea produces thermogenic effect. This is capable of increasing body fat oxidation, thus increasing body fat loss.

Yet another study done in Labs Arkipharma in France found the chemicals in green tea suppresses pancreatic and gastric lipases directly.

Since these enzymes cause body fat storage, reducing these enzymes results in less fat storage, thus causing the individual to lose body fat.

Side Effects Drinking Green Tea

In addition to drinking green tea, people can now use tea patches help with weight loss. These patches don’t have any unwanted side effects. The substance is absorbed through your skin.

The patches produce the same beneficial effects as drinking green tea. Liquid green tea, or green tea extract applied through patches, both help break down body fat, and increase your metabolic rate. So using green tea weight loss supplements makes a lot of sense.

So you lose weight, lower your cholesterol and help prevent heart conditions and strokes. This is an ideal weight loss substance applied in a convenient way so it doesn’t interfere with your busy schedule.

If you are just searching for regular green tea to lose weight, you will find a couple of different types at the local supermarket.

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