You think your feet are hurting?

Hey Shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving? Oh YooHoo all you lovely lasses and lads who are taking off your shoes and socks and looking for some liniment to rub on your distal attachments. Yes you who probably ate too much at the Thanksgiving Table yesterday that had too much salt and then tossed back some sodas. That be you. Well your body has retained too much salt which attracts too much water in your vessels particularly in your ankles and feet. Now these same feet have had to carry you past the sale tables and guided you past the shelves where the pocketbooks were that were out of all our price ranges.
Why do I mention this subject. Well your writer is in New York City and has walked many miles today on concrete and the grids in the streets. Yikes it is cold and so I am walking in boots which is not my normal custom. .fast forward to “My Message”.
One hour ago I left the museum of the World Trade Center. It is composed of all natural materials and so those floors were hard also. But harder still was to enter the room where there are 2983 pictures of the souls from all over the world and from all creeds and color and ages who no longer can walk away from that sacred ground. I saw the steel girders that are emblematic of man’s inhumanity to man. I walked out and walked on changed. So salute the USA and give thanks on the day after Thanksgiving that you are alive and can live another day in freedom. Thanks to the Museum of 9/11 that we can all put shopping in perspective. C

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